Monday, October 20, 2008

clean sweeps

+ Twitter is back! I'm still trying to figure out how to add multiple twitters to one blog (does anyone know?) As if I add mine to method lust, the methodtweet twitter goes bye-bye, and vice versa. Gah! I swear... I'll figure it out. For now, feel free to follow me at methodlust on twitter, and to follow method at methodtweet.

+ You know how when you go flying, the terrorist alert is always on code orange. Like, always. It never changes. Just to keep us all on heightened alarm? Huh, ever notice that? Well, method lust advocate spotlight is on code orange, people! Code orange! I repeat, take off your shoes, remove all personal possessions, grab a stick of Wrigley's Extra chewing gum, start dancing, no no, wait, that's a commercial... and send me your advocate spotlight! It's SO simple, I know you read this blog all the time! So let us know a little about YOU for a change! Go HERE, do now, send in. Done. Thanks, I really appreciate it! Otherwise, advocate spotlight will have to go away, and you don't want that, now do you? No, you don't. Guilt, it works every time.

+ I've now added a full listing of all method scents, to the right side bar. You'll be able to find all current, holiday, and scent heaven (retired) method scents! Why? Just cause I'm a nice kind of guy... with no life. (Who LUSTS method scents!)


Sprockets said...

thanks for the scents list. has method ever done something with sandalwood in it? cos i lust me some sandalwood and would love that.

Toms of Maine woodspice deodorant used to be all nice and sanalwoody, but they reformulated it and now it smells... kinda like cat pee =/

Jamison Combs said...

Does the lack of Method Advocate submissions mean I am gonna be next week's Advocate too?!? Hope so cause I mentioned you and this blog at Go. Check it. Now.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey sprockets, method has not done sandalwood so far, but perhaps your mention will spur them on. I have to say, they've always steered clear of sandalwood, patchouli, etc. because it's always represented this "earthy/crunchy/granola" green kind of symbolism (truth or not) and method's always tried to be earthy/environmental without all the stereotypes attached. Hence the hip design and forward thinking scents (and therefore, lack of sandalwood, etc.) But I think a nice woodsy scent using sandalwood, etc. could work out great if done well, and not feel like a step back!

Thanks jamison!

Sprockets said...

That is a good point about method wanting to stay clear of the typical hippie earthy smells associated with green products. I never really thought of sandalwood fitting in that category cos I lust it so, but I can see how others might.

Yeah, patchouli is way over used and gross in general. if you get really good quality patchouli oil and don't use too much it can be nice, but usually just smells like dirty hippies ;)

I'm sure method could develop a very nice, non-hippie woodspice scent!

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