Tuesday, October 21, 2008

holiday lust

All this Halloween and holiday mashup is startin' to confuse me!? What time of year is it, again? Ah well! I had previously had a poll asking which holiday scents you were looking forward to most! The results were:

+ 28% Spiced Pear
+ 21% Toasted Hazelnut
+ 20% Winter Berry
+ 16% Frosted Fir

Now that the new holiday line is starting to hit shelves, I've put up a new poll asking what 2008 holiday scents did you purchase? Let's see how the wishing matches up to the final product (and our final thoughts on the scents, since we can actually smell them now!)

And I agree with all the lusters out there that say Target's end cap is embarrassing. It's all out in the open for everyone to see, and they get to watch us all sniff our way through every product! Ha ha! I'm right there with you! And isn't it funny how we'll sniff the candle, then go and sniff the hand wash in the same scent. Well, I know I do it... and I'm not that weird. Well, ok, never mind. I am... so when you get the chance to pick up your holiday scents, do the poll (located on the right sidebar!) Thanks!

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Karin said...

Grrr...I wish everyone would wait to put holiday stuff out until after Halloween! I think it's gotten out of control! It kind of ruins the holidays. But, with that said, the only method holiday stuff i've seen is three frosted fir hand washes mixed in with all the regular hand washes. It was really weird...and they really looked out of place with the pink grapefruit and french lavender. And there was no holiday endcap anywhere in the store...crazy!

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