Sunday, October 5, 2008

and the winners are!

It's a double guy win this time around! The winners (randomly chosen), each of one wonderous aroma ring, are Mark Holmquist and James Mckee! Congrats guys!

Mark says:
"Nate, you have been my eyeopener to method. I have been scouring my area for method stuff on your suggestions. Your site is great. If I am so chosen to get an aroma ring I will carry on your tradition of spreading the method around."

James says:
"Nathan...I discovered your blog a few weeks ago when googling about the cut grass scent (which by the way is my allllll time favorite scent. It hurts my heart that method didn't have any grass pills this year at target). I'm totally addicted to method and now I'm totally addicted to your blog! I sooooo need this aroma ring. Thanks to your blog, I want to do a "stained glass" window of aroma rings... so I'm gonna need a few! One from your collection is a start!"

Guys, be sure to send me your mailing information, and I'll get those right out to you! Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep on the lookout for the next method lust contest!


PS - Kirby, for the love of all mankind, please throw out that taco. Today. Right now. Do not pass go. Thank you. Ha ha!

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