Monday, October 6, 2008

to dull, or not to dull?

Wonderful friend Sam was really excited recently when I got him a brand spanking new method omop! He has like, a zillion miles of wood flooring in his house, so I knew it would be perfect for him! Plus that almond scent is just Heavenly! (Well, I think so. And if I think so, then so should everyone else. OH oh, I'm just joking. A little...)

So I visited his home yesterday, and noticed the omop, and wood for good cleaner sitting out. I said "OHH! So have you used it yet?" and he said he had, but didn't think it would work for his floors. "Why?" I asked. And he told me he thought the cleaner had actually dulled his wood floors.

Now, me, I LUST the stuff! I use it on my hardwood floors (and I realize wood flooring differs from home to home) but I've never had a problem with it. To my knowledge, the wood for good is moreso a floor CLEANER, and not a floor polisher, anyway. My floors don't shine and sparkle after I clean them, but they're all clean, spotless and dust free!

So I'm curious what other people's experiences have been with their wood for good cleaner, and their wonderful wood floors? Did you have a dull experience? Or was everything spic and span?

(PS - And don't go giving up on the omop (if you decide not to use it on your wood flooring), Sam! Don't forget, it's amazing for dusting the floors! Slap a cleaning pad on it (dry) and run around that house! I don't even use the compostable cloths anymore, just the cleaning pads; which I then wash, and reuse!)

(Thanks to happy mundane for the photo)


Netta said...

I use the wood for good floor cleaner and to me it is just as you said....a cleaner not a polisher of any sort. Everytime I clean the floors with my omop and wood for good floor cleaner I walk on them bare footed and love the clean and smooth feeling.

Sam said...

Lord know, with the three beasties bring most of the outdoors in AND shedding, shedding, shedding, I have plenty of uses for the omop!

Anonymous said...

If a wood floor looks 'dull', its usually from too much cleaner being used.

kurt said...

I have Hemse laminate from Ikea...they are sort of a matte finish to begin with, and the Omop and the Almond cleaner are absolutely amazing. Even if your friend chooses not to use the cleaner, the Omop itself is awesome in that the cleaning pads are microfiber, you can just rinse them out, hang them up to dry, and you are ready to clean again! Just try a different cleaner.

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