Friday, August 1, 2008

more squeaky green laundry details

Yeah, I really couldn't come up with much of a title for this post, can you tell? I'll work harder next time, I promise (but then, don't I always let you down with my promises. Yes, I do. So really, don't even believe me. Ok? It'll save all our feelings down the road.)

So mixed news about the new squeaky green laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I bet method gets a little tired of me complaining about new products, as we're so used to the old ones, it's sort of shock when things come in and replace them, but here I go. Ha ha!

The new laundry detergent and dryer sheets will come in free + clear (I can't believe they haven't named these go naked yet, since it seems there is some streamlining happening within method's product lines), sweet water, and rice milk + mallow (baby). Here's the bad news, this new line will completely replace the current laundry AND dryer sheet lines. The detergent isn't really hit hard, but those poor awesome dryer sheets! Lavender + juniper, nectarine blossom, water lily + aloe! Sniff sniff. It would appear now, if you wanted a scented dryer sheet from method, sweet water is the only way to go (unless you wanna smell like marshmallows, which mind you might rock, but isn't really my thing.) I lust to death the lavender + junipers dryer sheets! And like a fellow luster said on here a couple days ago, he's not too keen (I'm so 1950s!) on the sweet water scent (and I gotta go along with him, while I don't have a problem with that scent, and it's actually method's "signature" scent; in fact they've trademarked the name sweet water; I'm just not a fan of using that scent in my home, or on my clothes.)

Looks like (for the moment at least) we'll have to simply stock up on the old dryer sheets from method home! I'm really not trying to poo-poo the new line, far from it; but I'm just worried a bit about the reduction in scent choices going on in some of their lines.


Here is a list of all retailers that will carry these products as of August:


+ Andronico’s
+ Babies’R Us
+ Bartells
+ Bi-lo
+ Bristol Farms
+ Drug Fair
+ Duane Reade
+ Food Lion
+ Giant Eagle
+ Gristedes
+ Harris Teeter
+ Heinens
+ Hyvee
+ Lowes
+ Mollie Stone’s
+ Safeway
+ Schnucks
+ Stop & Shop
+ Wegmans


+ Johnston Grocers
+ Shoppers Drug Market
+ Safeway




Stephanie Says... said...

Is the liquid softener going bye bye? I absolutely crave the Fresh Air scent. I bury my face in the laundry right out of the dryer. Please oh please no!!!!

I also noticed that Target is missing from the list. Are they waiting to roll out at Target?

Nathan Aaron said...

Huh. I didn't even catch that! Man. I received this information (which is slightly vague?):

Target has basically discontinued our old fabric care products and will be doing an in-store test with the new Sheets in August.

Does that mean they won't be carrying the laundry detergent, or liquid softener? I'm not sure. (Or that the liquid softener is going to stick around?) I'll check this out, and see what I can find.

Karin said...

Nate I'm confused because on the method site the laundry detergent and dryer sheets ARE called 'go naked' (not free + clear). Check it out...


and here:

Also...I am NOT a fan of 'sweet water' either! Def my least favorite scent. I don't know why exactly...I think it's just blah...very generic. I think some of their best scents have a too-short lifespan (e.g. fig, ginger yuzu etc.). :(

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, what's funny (I think this is still how it is, I'm having difficulties getting the method site to load on my computer at home. I love some Flash, but GRR!) they mention that the laundry detergent is "Go Naked" but if you look at the packaging, it still says "Free + Clear" and the packaging in the stores is still Free + Clear, instead of them changing to their more mainstream Go Naked branding. (Which the dryer sheets have been Go Naked for a while now, so they have that one right.) Whew!

Perhaps the new detergent will actually be Go Naked on the packaging, but my source mentioned it as still being Free + Clear. Time will tell. Oh, and I'm SO with you on the scents thing! It seems like all the cool, niche scents get the heave ho. Sniff.

Sprockets said...

boooo for Sweet Water!!

Ether said...

Yup- Method is trying to smell like everything else on the market I guess. Ahh well. Looks like I'll do another big-ass order from Method for my dryer sheets just like I did for my handwash refills.

Add me to the "not happy!" list.

Aaron said...

regardless of how you feel about sweet water, and yes as i already said--i HATE it--i can't believe they at least didn't keep the fresh air scent. i can understand keeping the go naked for those with allergies to laundry scents. however, laundry is actually something i like to have a scent, so now my only choice is icky baby diaper smell? to be honest, it might make me consider (gasp!) switching brands.

Karin said...

I don't know why they would get rid of fresh air either...I never used it because their detergent did not work well for me (sadly) but I did think the fresh air scent smelled very similar to the original Tide scent which I really like. (p.s. I am currently using the Tide pure essentials with baking soda line which I'm sure is still not great for the enviro...but I need something that works and I LOVE the white lilac scent.) I really wish the method detergent worked well for me. However, I tried it when it first debuted...does anyone know if there were any alterations to the formula after the initial unveiling? Maybe I should try again.

Oh! And I am officially NOT a fan of the method site...the graphics I like...the Flash I do NOT! Simplicity people! Like the method products...can we PLEASE have a simpler site!!! Pretty please!

Whoa...I need to stop typing.

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, apparently this new laundry detergent has been improved. No more brighteners and such. Not sure what else, but you might want to give it another try, and see if it works this time out. Here's hoping they add some more scents down the line.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all that green stuff in the picture? the laundry green method bag, too?

Nathan Aaron said...

You can get it all (including the bag) over on :-)

steve parker said...

call me crazy, but when method redid the detergent, they redid sweet water. i just got my laundry kit today, and it smells great. but it also smells different. i use sweet water air care and hand soap, and, in my opinion, it doesn't smell like either one. the smell is very faint and pleasant. also, they didn't print the text directly on the bottle. it's on a clear wrap. i guess if you want you can remove it and have a plain bottle. i've been asking for something like this for the spray bottles because i reuse them for other things, but i can't think of a way to reuse the detergent bottle. my favorite thing about the new line is the dryer cloths. the packaging is small (about a 5" cube). i hated the old dryer cloth packaging. now i heave to do laundry tomorrow to see if the new detergent is any better than the old (which i love and have used for years).

steve parker said...

hmmm. i meant i HAVE to do laundry, although i suppose heave works just as well.

Nathan Aaron said...

Sorta like the eucalyptus mint in the new bathroom line (lil' bowl blu and le scrub) it's totally got beach sage in it (method admitted this) so it's not like the previous e.m. aircare line. But I'm rather surprised they redid sweet water? That's their baby! Hmm, I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

There are lavender ones!

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