Monday, August 18, 2008


Oops! If ever I wanted to know if method was pet safe, perhaps tonight was my first experience?

I decided the cats had made quite a mess of the kitchen floor while I was away at work today, so I grabbed some lavender floor cleaner, and my omop, and started to squeeze away at the floor. The cats were eating their dinner, not moving, and OOPS a little too much whooshing of the cleaner resulted in hitting my little sweet black cat, Shadow, with it! She ran from the room, and I went after her, and did blot her dry with a towel; but finally went "Eh, it's method! It should be fine!" and went on my merry mopping ways. Time will tell, but I think she's none the worse for it! Cat-astrophe, averted! (How many times can I say cat-astrophe before you get sick of it? Huh? Huh? Oh, you're already sick of cat-astrophe, aren't you? Ok. Drat.)

And yes, that's her sitting so sweetly in the pic, on top of part of my record collection. (Come on, retro-Christmas vinyl rocks! And you know it! See, she agrees.)

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Kirby M. said...

I inadvertently animal tested the lemon ginger floor cleaner on my kitten, Jules the other day. Splash! Right in the face. Not even phased, he just kept playing with "his" o-mop. No eye irritation, and he's just as naughty as ever. Last night I gave him his Advantage treatment with much struggle, got some of the liquid on my hand--which he immediately licked up like the naughty little kitty he is, and started frothing at the mouth. And this is stuff that's supposedly okay to put on him? No thanks.

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