Monday, August 4, 2008

one crazy mother

Over on One Crazy Mother: You Made Me This Way (love that title!), they recently did a Cleaning Green Challenge with method products!

"From Monday, May 9th to Monday May, 16th we’re trying four Method Home products.
+ method Tub + Tile eucalyptus mint scent
+ method Lil’ Bowl Blue toilet bowl cleaner in eucalyptus mint
+ method All Surface in pink grapefruit
+ method Best in Glass in mint"

Check out their results!

"Tub and Tile Cleaner: Everyone loved the smell (it’s not too overpowering for pregnant noses either). Didn’t tackle soap scum as some would have hoped, but did make the tile shine. Our moms liked the snazzy bottle design and shape. Overall: not earth shattering, but pleasing to the senses.

Lil' Bowl Blu Toilet Cleaner: This product worked wonders in the bowl. Toilets around America will never be the same. The shape of the bottle made for easy application. Overall: A+, move to the front of the class.

Glass Cleaner: Our moms appreciated the lack of streaks and the minty scent that can rarely be found in glass cleaners. This product did the job, all while being cute and simple to use. Overall: Average performance, but the scent left an overachiever’s impression.

All Purpose Cleaner: Our panel was divided on this topic. Some of the nozzles dripped all over hands creating not-so-happy mothers. Everyone agreed that the scent is delicious, but not when it’s worn as perfume. The product seems to get the job done, but some wondered if pink grapefruit smell was being spread all over their countertops in lieu of actual cleaning power. Overall: Pretty, but a bit of a slacker."

Sounds like they loved them (for the most part!) And their love of mint makes me want to hug them all! Does anyone else have a problem with the method spray cleaner nozzles dripping all over their hands? Because I have to say, I have that issue a lot, myself; and I was just curious!


Netta said...

I have had a few problems with the method spray nozzle. I seems like some of them are defective. Some of are ok then others drip and leak all over your hands. It's like a hit or miss with their spray nozzles.

Bunmi/onecrazymother said...

Thanks Nathan! This challenge was so fun. One thing that method did that no other company did was ship their cleaner to my test panel with biodegradable peanuts. Everyone else used styrafoam! They're committed to green.

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