Friday, August 1, 2008

innie or outie?

While roaming my (repeat with me) local Target today, I noticed something I hadn't seen before! method has quietly (so quiet in fact, they don't even have a photo on their site yet!) redesigned the aroma stick vase! It's very subtle, but I think it looks great!

Now, they've removed the "outie" top/cap portion of the vase you see in the photo above. The vase is simply a complete oval/egg shape, but instead of just cutting the top part off, they made the hole concave, tapering inside the vase, so the hole is only large enough to hold the sticks in nicely. It's all a bit hard to explain, and of course I didn't have a camera (geesh!), but trust me, I think you'll like it! I don't usually buy the sticks, just due to their price point. But I'm really tempted to pick one of these up (I might wait til the Holiday line.) They're really nice! When I get a pic, I'll post it!

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