Monday, August 18, 2008

ahoy sailor!

UPDATE OH boy! I (and many others from the comments people are leaving) have found the candles, and remainder of the aircare! I picked me up one pomegranate tea candle (burning as I type. Yum!) and a can of aroma lavender + lemongrass spray (my fav!) and I'm broke broke broke! But happily so! And I'm about to take a shower, and test out my new marine naturals refresh mint body wash! (I bet you wanted to know that, didn't you?) When you pop the lid, the inside says (around the hole) "save water. shower with a friend." Whew! Wait, I have no "friend" to shower with. Poo.

method's gettin' all sexy, sexy with their new phrases. Have you seen the latest on their site "wow. nice package." for the new wipes line? Ha! Too cool. Oh, and I forgot to mention below, but the body wash is $5.99, cheaper than the moisture line (at $7.49) so yeah! And for the same amount (18 oz.) I thought that was cool. So while things like candles and such go up, they try to help us out (or Target does, since I think they decide the pricing in their stores?) with cheaper (than we thought they would be) marine naturals body wash and smarty dish cubes! Thanks!


Yup, yup! Guess what I just found on my quick lunch trip to Target! The new marine naturals line is out! YES! I was so surprised to see these! This particular Target has yet to get anything else new in (with the exception of the pink grapefruit smarty dish cubes. You know, what's with the go naked? Everyone has the pink grapefruit, no go naked? Weird...)

The marine naturals look great! They had all three scents: waterflower (smells just like the bloq line), refresh mint (Heaven! I swear it smells like a mojito fell into their green mint body wash vat, and someone went "Ah-ha!"), and sea minerals. They also had the sea minerals body scrub. The hand washes weren't available yet, but I bet they'll be out really soon!

The bottle is wide, and skinny. It's not the same thickness all the way around. It looks great, though. And I'm so shocked they are keeping the moisture line out at the same time. This is the first time method has had two body wash lines out at once! Crazy!

One thing I did notice, that I honestly hope they reconsider down the line. The bottle is amazing, but they've put a flip top on it! Can you believe that? (And a big one, too.) Perhaps the bigger, the easier to open. But I'm so shocked they didn't use the same "bottle technology" they implemented with the original dish soap bottle; and their new improved version used in the baby + kid line body wash and bubbly bath. That way you'd just flip the bottle over, and squeeze! I thought for sure given the look of the bottle, that's the way they were going; but no, it's a flip top. Surprising. The plastic is pretty lite/thin, so maybe that was a consideration for the squeeze style (as the baby + kid line, and the older dish soap bottles sported thicker plastic.) Who knows, and it might work great when I put it to use; but right now I wish it had that cool squeeze-ability.

It's slowly starting to trickle in! I'm so excited, method (birthday!) month is starting to go full steam ahead! Yay for us!


Matt said...

My Target has the Go Naked dish cubes. They exist, and are doing a great job cleaning my dishes.

steve parker said...

Went to Target today, and they have everything BUT the marine naturals line. I bought one of everything (well, almost. I think the bamboo aroma ring is ugly now that i have seen it in person, but that's just me.) I also made a discovery today. I went in the new Home Depot Design Center here in Charlotte for the first time. It has been open a little while, but I haven't bothered to check it out. They have almost the entire line of method. Even the dryer cloths that Target ditched a while back. And the hand sanitizer I loved enough to order from HSN. All right under my favorite Target just on the edge of uptown Charlotte. I have found my new favorite store! If anyone has one of these close by, drop in for some much missed method.

Karin said...

Oh, I'm actually really glad it's a flip top...I really dislike the rubber squeeze thing because it always leaks! I bought the baby bath (more for the packaging than the bubble bath...because I'm not a huge fan of the mallow scent...but anyways) and the darn thing has leaked and that little round piece of plastic that is a "cap" is impossibly hard to remove...but when I do get it off...there is bubble bath leaking out. What a mess! It just doesn't seem like a good idea to have an opening at the bottom of a package...I mean, hello it's called gravity!

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, what I thought would have been cool about this bottle having a squeeze top was, the opening would be on the top. You sat it on it's bottom, with the opening on the top; but when you went to use it, all you had to do was pick it up, flip it over, and squeeze; flip it back over, sit it down. Done!

So I think the idea can still work, just have the squeeze area on the top of the bottle. This bottle design would have been perfect for it. But I'm also surprised your baby stuff is leaking. I have a fuzzy peach wash, and it just sits on my counter, and is wide open, I threw the hard plastic cap away after opening it, and it's never leaked? Hmm...

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