Monday, August 11, 2008

taken for granite

I bet this has been out for a while now, but JUST in case, I thought I'd make mention that I just found a granite refill bottle at Target! It looks exactly like a spray cleaner bottle, but instead of having a trigger nozzle, it has a simple screw on/pop top cap. And it allows you to refill your granite spray bottle, just like the shower spray and hand wash refills! How cool is that!

I wonder why they haven't done this with the stainless steel, and especially the wood for good cleaners! I use up some wood for good like mad, a refill would be great! Perhaps this is a test concept to see how it flies (but why choose granite? Is it popular?) Has this product refill been out forever, and I'm just clueless? (No granite for me = no granite spray, hence never really noticing that section of the store/method product line.)

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