Sunday, August 17, 2008

brand new lustin'

I'm always excited when a new method luster (and long time method advocate! Or even new time method advocate!) comes along! And I'm especially excited when I get a really nice email from them (as I have from a few as of late! Hey Jeff, hey everyone!) Kirby happens to be one of those people!


Yesterday I found methodlust. Finished reading it in its entirety today. Yes, I obsessively read your whole blog in less than 24 hours (interspersed with some inspired method cleaning sessions, leftover Thai, a house party and...sleep). If you're thinking, "Whoa, psycho woman!" and click out of your email program right now and have a bout of heebie-jeebie induced convulsions, I sincerely apologize.

My great-smelling clean little home is in Eugene, Oregon - this town is a little green mecca. Some people interpret that as meaning Eugene is focused on sustainable lifestyle practices, others believe it's pertaining to something else green, stinky, and sticky that is also quite popular here, but I digress. My point is - you can't swing a dead cat without hitting earth-friendly, animal-friendly (though swinging dead cats isn't particularly so) personal care and home care products around here because people here are pretty hip to that. But method is just so much prettier! And why should I choose function over form when I can have both?

I've been relentlessly hoarding anything and everything method for years. I just moved so my meth(od) lab is in disarray (seriously, I only have one bottle of hand wash in my new house right now, it's heinous) but I believe I may still have pumpkin spice hand wash in my collection. My best friend/fellow luster and I cleaned out our local Big Lots a couple years ago upon finding it.

Thank you for all the work you put into methodlust - I'm glad there's someone else who understands that method is completely worth being obsessed with! I look forward to more drooling over your little piece of online heaven (and wiping up said drool with one of my many choices of method products well-suited for this task).

- Kirby"

Thanks for the email Kirby! Pumpkin spice hand wash, I am jealous! One of the few method products I've never actually seen, nor laid my hands on (or washed them with, har har!)


Thanks to all the method lusters, and advocates out there that continue to head on over here to method lust and read this blog! You seriously make it all worth it! Keep telling your friends about method products (and perhaps throw in a little shout out to this cool method lust blog you happen to know about, and that they should check out!) I appreciate it!

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