Monday, August 18, 2008

method profiles - allyson willoughby

method profiles went on vacation last week. It was really tired and cranky, so I let it have the week off. I'm a good boss that way! So upon it's return, profiles felt so rested up, it decided to hand itself over early this week, and do a big Monday return! I think that's so sweet! After all, there's not much to look forward to on a Monday (besides a Tuesday, and that's definitely not much to look forward to, either.) So thanks, profiles!

Our method profile today brings us... Allyson Willoughby! Let's see what she's got to say, eh?

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?
Allyson Willoughby – I’ve never really had a nickname.

2+ What was your first method lust?
The original dish soap in the bowling pin bottle.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
I decided it was the best way to track down whoever it was who decided to discontinue Cut Grass. Plus I love the combination of style + substance.

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
Chief Justice (a title I will probably never have again!) I handle Method’s legal issues and have been here since March 08.

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
Some day I hope to build a green house, but for now just the little things like recycling, driving a hybrid and trying to convince my parents to be a little more eco-friendly.

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
My next door neighbor, Nancy.

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?
I just can’t let Cut Grass go!

Thanks Allyson! No nickname, huh? Man, that's just not fair! How about we give her one, method lusters! I got it! Drum roll please... Ally McMethod! (Get it, get it? Ally McBeal, but instead it's Ally McMetho... ok, but she even worked in the legal field! Wha? Don't like that one? Well, hey, I tried! Who's Ally McBeal, you ask? Come on! Sigh...)

Check back Wednesdays (or whenever I get around to it, really. No, but seriously... really.) for the next method profile! And be sure to catch up on previous method profiles by selecting from the sidebar list!

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