Thursday, August 21, 2008

did ya miss me? was I gone?

You know what, you set a precedent like I apparently have with ole' method lust (posting almost everyday, multiple times - a rarity with most blogs, I might say!) and suddenly you disappear for a day or two, and start getting worrisome comments such as the one from Robert:

"Where are you? Are you okay?"

I'm alive, I'm alive! I've had a long couple of days at work lately, and it's taken it's toll, resulting in me not focusing on what's important, blogging method style! Please forgive me, for it will most certainly happen again. (Wait a minute? Did he just say? Yes, I did. I'm only human, you know!) But anywho , it was a whirlwind beginning to the week with all the new hot product hitting shelves (I'm still searching for the hand washes that accompany the new marine naturals body line, though... patience, Nathan, patience!) But now it's begun to slow down. Never fear, though. I'm here!

1 comment:

Netta said...

Glad that you are ok. I was beginning to get a little worried myself. You know that you have spoiled us method lusters by giving something to read on your blog everyday so don't pull another disappearing act just kidding. Hope everything tapers off at work for you.
Just so you know I have not found any of the marine naturals at my Target yet.

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