Friday, August 22, 2008

method roundup!

It's another video day here at method lust! (You know you love it! Yes you do. Why? Cause I said so, that's why!) The folks over at Green Gear have given us their own method home products roundup! Check it out:

method Home Cleaning Products Overview Roundup Review by Green Gear

Yee Haww!!! This here is a Method Home Cleaning Products Overview Roundup!

I have been using a few Method Products around the house for about a year and I am very impressed. They’ve been on my radar recentally becuase their line of products has been expanding dramatically. What used to just be a few products is now a gaggle of them.

Method’s products work well, smell good (but not overpowering), are not tested on animals, recycleable, made naturally (when available), and come in wonderfully designed packaging. I really can’t say enough about them, most of their products would score above a 3 rating on green gear with the only knocks against them being price (just above usually purchased alternative) and mass appeal. Some places you go you can find their stuff on sale for less than the usual stuff. They are situated in the boutique section of the market and usually are a little lower than meyer, green works, etc…

If you go to you will see that they have a very rich sustainability policy and it shows in their packaging and product offerings.

One thing that struck me about so many of their items is that they don’t seem to use too many chemicals. As a matter of fact, on all of their soaps, it says “if ingested, drink glass of water to dilute.” How awesome is that. These are products that anyone would feel comfortable sitting on their countertop as they are attractive looking and not too bulky.

Green Gear will review a few of these (like the Omop) in greater detail but (above) is a 12 product video overview of Method’s product offerings."

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