Thursday, August 7, 2008

goodwill-ed out!

Alright, so I made my final method bloq Goodwill trip today. I'm done! (I'm actually just cutting myself off, cause it's really just ridiculous, ok? HOW obsessed am I? No, but seriously...) as you'll recall, I found a big bunch of method bloq body washes and shaving creams a while back at my sorta local Goodwill, and purchased some up. And then went back. And went back again. And one more time. But that was it. Until today, when I went back again.

In all honesty, I've purchased quite a few for my friends and family. In fact I just purchased friend'o Sam some method bloq green mint body bars during this latest trip. He'll like those! I've already gotten him into the wash. (Gotta transition him over to the marine naturals refresh mint when it debuts!)

But I now have enough bloq body wash and shaving cream (all green mint here people! LUST it!) to last me... one year. Groan! That's just sad! But I couldn't help it, it's an addiction (and a GREAT price!) So today I went to purchase four more bottles of the wash, to make it last a year; and I said I was done! The end. No more.

Cause you know, no matter how many bottles of my green mint bloq I buy, I'll still run out one day. It's real sad to say, but oh so true. So stop hoarding, Nathan. Be brave. Hold your head up high! And move confidently into your body wash future, knowing that method has it well in hand! (And leg, and arm, and face, and... get it? Har.)

While making my purchase, and sliding them into my reusable tote, the cashier admitted she loves the stuff as well, and even though it says "body wash" when they run out of hand wash in the Goodwill bathrooms, they just grab a bottle and place it in the bathroom to wash your hands! She said it does just as good a job on your hands, as your body. Imagine that!

That'll do, method bloq, that'll do.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Aaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!! I'm being brainwashed!!!! (At least my brain smells minty fresh...)

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