Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sell it green

Over on there's this interesting article on home staging (in order to sell your home) & cleaning with environmentally friendly products. The catch is, apparently the writer, Karla Davis, is a method luster!

"As a Central Florida Home Stager I work with many clients making recommendations as they prepare for a sale. Professional Home Staging is the best way to receive top dollar and sell fast! Remember though, all the staging in the world can’t sell a dirty home! Here is a list of products that will help get the job done quickly, smell wonderful and are good for the environment and you! That’s right, gentle cleaners that are kid and pet friendly!

Getting your home ready for a sale can be a big undertaking so I’m going to provide some cleaning suggestions and some actual products to make your life easier as you delve into every room.

Kitchen-Be sure to scrub the backsplashes, under the fan hood, which usually is splattered with months of dinner, as well as inside of your appliances! This really shows a buyer that you take pride in your home and also lets them feel comfortable with the fact that these might soon be their appliances. Should you choose to invest in this room take a look at the faucets, cabinet and drawer hardware and replace anything dated. This room usually makes or breaks the deal in a home. After all it is the heart of any home!

Cleaning Tip: Use Method’s all purpose cleaning spray for counters, floors, sinks and any surface. It’s safe for your whole family and really gets the job done! Use their Premium Surface Stainless Steel spray cleaner to get rid of all those fingerprints!

Bathrooms-This is the second busiest zone in the house and really needs a deep cleaning. Be sure to scrub the tub and shower stall areas well. The grout in tiles between can grow mildew and start to become a dark gray color that can concern buyers. Be sure to really get in between the floor tiles too! It is important to keep the toilet bowl and sinks sparkling and don’t forget to polish those fixtures and faucets! If you have dated faucets, do replace them as they significantly add value to this room!

Cleaning Tip: You can use a mix of baking soda and vinegars to clean out drains and make a paste with baking soda and water to use as a scrubbing agent that won’t give off harsh fumes. Method also makes a tub & tile cleaner that smells like eucalyptus mint! What a great way to make cleaning easier and delight your senses. Use their glass cleaner called window wash in mint for a streak-free shine! Use their matching micro fiber cloth which saves paper towels and is reusable and can be washed. They also have a daily shower cleaner to keep soap scum at bay.

Hardwood Floors- If you are lucky enough to hardwood flooring, it is important to show them at their best to your potential buyers. First ensure they are in good shape. If they are not have them sanded, stripped and refinished as this will be a key selling feature in your home. Once they are in good shape you’ll want to maintain their luster and remove any dirt, or spills. If you have hardwood underneath carpet, rip it up! You heard me! Your hardwood has much more value than carpet any day.

Cleaning Tip: Firstly, give your floors a big vacuum to remove any large particles or anything that could scratch the floor while you clean it. Next, use the compostable sweeping cloths within a product like the OMOP by Method. Their starter kit contains the mop, floor cleaner in almond scent along with a washable, reusable mop pad. These were specially designed for hardwood.

They also proivde products for ceramic tile and linoleum flooring as well in their other mop kit.

Air Freshening- After cleaning your home, it is important to keep your home smelling fresh and inviting. Firstly, remove any shoes in the hallway as they are clutter anyway as well as any pet paraphernalia. The pet can stay! Ensure that laundry is done regularly as to not create a smell in the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room. Be sure to keep boxes of baking soda in your fridge and freezer and throw some in your dishwasher cycle also.

Freshness Tip: To conserve energy opt to use a diffuser instead of a plug in product. The scented oil travels up a group of bamboo sticks that diffuse your scent into the air and they look pretty to boot! Method’s got several diffusers to choose from in stylish white ceramic. If you want to hide your air freshener, choose an aroma spray or ring to place behind a toilet or in a closet. They also offer traditional soy candles to set the mood as well!

Wishing you and yours the best as you clean house, kill germs, detoxify your space, and keep the environment in tact while you are at it! While cleaners like bleach are inexpensive and readily available they are highly toxic to yourself, your children and even your pets! They also happen to cause an overgrowth of algae in our oceans and water systems that kiss thousands of fish everyday! Most products contain sulfates, bleach and other harsh chemicals that can harm your lungs, eyes and can be absorbed through skin.

* On a side note I am not being compensated by Method Products to promote their products, they are personally the best forward thinking products I’ve used that get results and they happen to smell great too! I also recommend others like Seventh Generation for dish detergent and other products. Visit the following websites for more cleaning tips - seventh generation and method home.

My mission is to positively transform the lives and homes of everyone I meet, one home at a time. Happy Cleaning!
- Karla Davis"

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