Monday, August 25, 2008

well what'da ya know...

Stepped into a local Target today, and what was on the shelf (after just mentioning it in my previous post) but refresh mint and waterflower hand wash! Surprisingly (and luckily for me!) there was only ONE refresh mint gel hand wash on the shelf! Can you believe that? And three waterflowers (which for some reason smell extra wonderful in gel hand wash! Don't ask me why. More on that when I do a review for the new refresh mint body wash...) No foaming hand wash in either scent was spotted. So I swiped that refresh mint UP! And no joke, I just ran out of the sample I was given, this morning! How perfect!


Oh, and uhm, I think I just need to start working for method. Seriously. This past weekend, during ANOTHER Target trip, I wondered into the method aircare aisle, and geesh, it was a disaster. Aroma spray bottles fallen over, aroma rings knocked down, someone had stuck a couple Big Brand aircare spray bottles in the method area (hopefully after discovering the method aircare, and deciding against purchasing the Big Brand!) So I huffed in disgust, and actually went to work cleaning up the method aircare section so it'd look shiny and special for potential new customers/future advocates! (Uh, I realize this is actually Target's job.)

Yeah, I really do need some help. Or something better to do on a Saturday night, maybe?


stephanie j. said...

Just got back from my Target. The aircare aisle here too was a disaster! Most of the candles had been snagged up; They have really set it up poorly, too. Lots of big brand stuff above, and Method on the very bottom shelf, and ring and pill refills on the top shelf adjacent...a mess.

I got cilantro citrus and vanilla apple sprays -- mmmmmmmm :)

PS I've been using the mint shower for almost a week now. It is soothing. I have pretty bad eczema on my hands, and itchy-prone skin due to the high heat and dryness here in Almost Mexico. No problems, in fact, I feel improvement. I'm excited to pick up new handwash...maybe my hands will benefit.

steve parker said...

Lord, I do that all the time. Method deserves better than Target's carelessness with shelf organization. But I'm feeling a little left out on the marine naturals front. I have yet to see any sign of the line at any of my Targets around Charlotte.

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