Thursday, August 28, 2008

yang ylang

Daniel Yang, over on lusts his shower spray, but has an idea for method's refill bottle:

"I use Method cleaning products from Target for my day to day maintenance cleaning since it’s supposed to be non-toxic and better for the environment. I applaud the guys who started the company for their success in bringing green cleaning products at affordable prices to the masses. They even encourage less waste by selling bulk refills for their spray bottle products. Since I’ve used their stuff for a couple of years, I know they’ve also experimented a lot with their packaging design. (That’s gotta be pricey when it comes to experimenting with different bottles.) That’s why I was a little surprised that this two bottle system wasn’t designed better.

The goal is to decant liquid from the larger bottle into the spray bottle. The problem is that you either need a funnel or a steady hand to carefully pour from the wide spout into the narrow one on the spray bottle. Inevitably, some of the liquid will probably spill if you opt for the latter method (no pun intended). In all cases, the bottleneck (man they just keep coming) is the smaller of the two.

One idea is to stick something like a dish soap spout on top of the larger bottle. This would probably be the cheapest option since it’s not a custom spout. The downside would be the rate at which it would dispense the replacement liquid. Another idea would be to use a bottle with a spout that is just slightly narrower than that of the spray bottle. My third idea would be some sort of retractable pouring/funneling mechanism built into the cap of the larger bottle. Something like those pour cups built into the caps of liquid detergent except it would flip over and screw on reversibly and allow liquid to pass through.

Maybe this is over-complicating the matter and everybody else has a clean funnel even though I don’t."

Thoughts? Experiences? Did you get ylang-ylang all over your hands? My, my.


steve parker said...

because i love refills, i bought this funnel (called the Drip-It funnel) at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (no idea if they still have it in store, its been a few years, but its still online) that has a clamp mechanism that clips onto the neck of the bottle, holding the funnel in place. its great! it also has a clap above the funnel that can be turned to the side when pouring, or used to hold an almost empty bottle above a new bottle to get that last little bit. here's a link:

Grrg said...

My local dollar store sells sets of three funnels for... a dollar.

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