Friday, August 8, 2008

keep on truckin'

Julie Kim over on method's people against dirty blog has a great post on their AWESOME biodiesel truck:

"Something big and special has been rolling down the highways since April. We recently rolled out with a new transport truck. It’s running on biodiesel fuel and is one of the ways we are decreasing the carbon footprint of method shipments within the US. The addition of our new biodiesel truck will save an estimated 62,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 686 tons of carbon dioxide annually. That's like planting 3,400 trees a year!

What's cool about our biodiesel rig?

Enhanced Aerodynamics
+ Marker lights that are flush with bright durable LED lights
+ Mirrors on door/hood curved for wind cutting stability

Low Rolling Resistance Tires
+ Reduced rolling resistance with single-wide and aluminum tires
+ Reduced weight

Automatic Tire Inflation System
+ Pressure sensors and automatic inflation system allows for increased fuel efficiency

Seen it on the road already? Let us know. Or even send in your method truck snapshots – we’d love to see them too!

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