Wednesday, August 27, 2008

crazy people have more fun

I just found Ej's blog, Crazy People Have More Fun (and they do, too! I should so know!) after taking a peek at my method lust traffic sources; and discovered this great post she did on method, and go naked!

"My obsession to these products is no secret - I am a relentless in my pursuit of converting people! My sister finally caved and purchased her first bottle of the Best in Glass window cleaner, and my Mother in Law is hooked on Wood For Good.

How was I captured? Lisa introduced me to the Go Naked All Purpose Spray. One sniff (or should I say lack of sniff) and I was hooked. I went home and Googled it and after devouring every piece of info I could find; I headed off to Shoppers Drug Mart to stock up. Canada is suffering from a grossly inadequate supply of method products. We are limited to the cleaning products - no body care(okay, okay - there are a few of the hand soaps kicking around). You can buy it from the web site if you want to pay a fortune for shipping(tsk tsk method - $18 shipping is ridiculous!!!) Target is the place where it is at!!!! So if you live close make a run for the border! I've listed Canadian retailers below.

Okay so onto Go Naked!..."

Head on over to read the rest!

Oh, and she even gives me a sweet little shout out! "In case you are in full addiction mode like myself - let me lead you to the blog of all method blogs - method lust - yes there are more people like me out there ;-) Nathan has the inside scoop on everything method past and present!" Thanks, Ej!

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Ej said...

I feel famous - LOL. Thanks!

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