Friday, August 15, 2008

rant on

Hold on, it's not gonna be pretty. I'm REAL glad it's Friday. Like so real glad you can't imagine. You see, while I've been putting on a really sweet, the world's so rosey, lets all dance around the maypole appearance here this week; my past week has been H.E. double hockey sticks. Let me tell you, atrocious.

So last night, leaving work at 7:30 (I've also been staying rather late this week at work. This is all work related. I love my job right now. I really do. I'm being sarcastic. I really am.) SO, upon leaving work, exhausted for a multitude of reasons (most of them mental), I decide to stop into the nearby Target and see if those darn method aircare products have arrived. Here's my internal monologue (which I have a lot of these.)

"Hey, let's run to Target and see if they have the new aircare line! Oh!"

"Oh, they aren't going to have it. Stop looking for it, give it time, and then tada one day you'll spot it!"

"But I don't have anything better to do. It's late, why not waste some time. And the Target near my home definitely won't have it, they get everything last. Let's go to the one near work, they might have it! It's just a skip off the interstate, and up the on ramp!"

"Ok! What harm can come of it?"

And... I fall right into an expired registration sticker state trooper check point, right there on the on ramp. LAME. OH week, why are you doing this to me?

And hey, ok, did I deserve it. Sure, my sticker was expired. Hey, you know, I love how I can't afford my $185. expenses to fix my truck so that it WILL pass inspection (because I went to get it inspected, and it failed, for two really lame reasons. But none the less...) but PLEASE Mr. Officer, give me that $146. ticket so I can add it to the $185. expenses I can't afford. It all makes sense...

The ticket: $25.00 - The "court fees" (that's what they're called, but please, court fees, I'm not even...): $121.00 - Total: $146.00

But if you would like to pay this ticket and "plead your guilt" you must pay the entire thing. NOT the $25. the ticket cost, no, that would make sense. But rather the $146., even though you're paying so you DON'T have to go to court. But... still have the pay the "fee."

So I took my ticket, rolled my eyes to the officer as he walked away (which was the least of things I wanted to do), and drove on to Target.

Where they did NOT have the new aircare line. Bah-dum.

Rant off. (No offense intended.)


robertcraig said...

That sucks. The Target closest to my house still has all the old stuff on the first round of discounts. Candles are still at 5.08. I was hoping for a happy TGIF find...I want new candles. NOW. And new pill refills.

Was the cop at least cute? That is how one of my friends met his husband.

Nathan Aaron said...

lol Seriously? Wow! That's a way to meet someone. Well, he wasn't all that cute, plus he gave this obnoxious smirk as he walked away, after telling me my registration had expired. So dating was about furthest from my mind as to what I wanted to do at that point. lol

Our aircare is the same, first markdown. I'm like, move it on people! Ha!

Sam said...

Sucks... Get it inspected ASAP and then take the documentation to court and it'll be dismissed. Should be no fine or fees then...

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