Monday, August 25, 2008

dry me baby

Anyone here a Prince fan? If so, you'll get that title. If not, it's a bad title, anyway. What can I say? All these titles start to get all hard to think up and stuff after a while, ok? Whew!

About the only new method products not to hit store shelves yet (to my knowledge; the other exception being the new waterflower, and refresh mint hand washes) is the new squeaky green laundry line (including the new dryer sheets you see pictured above. Go naked was tied up with previous engagements, and could not make the photo shoot. It apologizes for the inconvenience.) I JUST ran out of my old-school free + clear dryer sheets (yes, before the wet dry cloths) this weekend, so I'm gonna need some new scent free/go naked ones soon! I use the scent free ones on my clothing, while using the deliciously scented lavender + juniper and nectarine blossom on my sheets, and towels, etc. Mmm... and sniff, cause they're going away.

Anyone see this new line (which will also include the sweet water laundry detergent in it's brand new formula) let us know they've landed!


robertcraig said...

Unrelated to baby stuff...the nightlight aroma pill is awesome. I am going out and getting 5-6 more. I particularly like the "white-ness" of the plastic when the light is on.

And the pom tea scent is great too. I was a little skeptical, but it has a nice bit of a kick to it. Fresh and clean, but a little naughty for fall.

I can't believe I have to wait 2 months for the holiday scents.

Nathan Aaron said...

Word, Robert! Comment in the right posts! lol joking. I agree with your thoughts! I love the nightlight, but I'm sticking with one at the moment, simply because I own like, eight of the plain ones! Plus I don't know if I want my house to be viewable from space (with all those nightlights a glowing! My house is small.)

Come on, only two months. We can do it!

Rebecca said...

Anyone know when the Rice Milk and Mallow laundry products will be available on the method web site??

Nathan Aaron said...

None of the new products have shown up on the method site, as of this moment. It takes them a bit of time, after they make their debut on store shelves.

steve parker said...

I'm switching to the baby line. I don't care if I smell like a giant marshmallow, I love the scent. The dryer cloths in rice flour + mallow has me sold!

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