Monday, August 11, 2008

sneak peek - flame on!

OH my! Those feeling on the fence about method's aircare candle line redesign should feel that way no longer! Look at these gorgeous new glass (now recyclable!) candle jars. Are they not amazing? They keep the original feel of the Karim ceramic jar, while making them fresh and new! I sincerely think they're beautiful! (And I bet they'd make just as good dessert cups as the ceramic ones did!)

These should be hitting stores mid-August. Pictured above are the gingerbread + spice and sweet water scents. Enjoy! Look for a couple more sneak peeks later this week! Just wait 'til you get a look at the new lavender + lemongrass nightlight aroma pill. Oh!


Sam said...

I'll take a set of four, please!

Netta said...

I love them. Not when I expected when I heard glass. They are amazing. I can't wait to collect them.

Karin said...

ooo...they look like bowls of chocolate and vanilla pudding...they look good enough to eat! however, i am starting to get frustrated...i made my third trip to Target in August and there is NOTHING new! it seems like it takes a while for those method products to travel from the west coast. us east coasters want new stuff too!!!

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