Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Did you know Ulta carries method products? Neither did I!

Ulta is a new store that's opened up here in Greensboro, and I've heard it's a lot like a Sephora, so I decided to roam on in last night and check it out. (In a complete surprise, my old Banana Republic manager/boss is now running that store, so I got a complete tour!) And while checking out the hand wash/soap area, I noticed they are carrying method's hand wash line and refills! I didn't know that!

It's a pretty small selection to choose from, and no body wash, etc. for some reason (since they do carry body washes, and candles. Perhaps they'll carry more method down the line.) But I was rather impressed, and let him know I lusted for some method, and that they were an environmentally friendly line! He admitted he didn't know that!

So next time you've run out of method hand wash, Ulta might be the place for you! (You can even purchase it on their site!)


Karin said...

yeah i knew...sorry. but they don't have a very good selection. i did get a hand wash refill there...but i would only get method stuff there if i'm shopping for something else. target is still the top choice! question, does your whole foods sell method...the one's around me do not.

Nathan Aaron said...

Oh Karin, we don't even HAVE a Wholefoods in Greensboro. We have an Earthfare and a Fresh Marktet, but no Wholefoods. Sniff... Hey, where are you located? Are you also in Charlotte? (I gather, from a comment you made to Steve a while back.) If so, it's such a freakin' small North Carolina world!

Karin said...

Nope, I'm in Arlington, VA right across the bridge from Georgetown. I'm sorry you don't have a Whole Foods near you...but I hear Fresh Market is pretty decent. I am lucky, I have several Whole Foods near me. But I was surprised to see on the method web site that they sell at WFs because I've never seen it there. Maybe I saw a hand wash once...but that is about it.

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