Friday, August 1, 2008

you're so smarty

HSN has premiered another new method smarty dish video for your viewing pleasure! Apparently the smarty dish cubes will be exclusively available on HSN for a period of time, before becoming available in retail stores. I hope it's not too long, I want some smarty dish! (And I'm too cheap to order it from HSN, though it's a great deal! Actually... hold up? Is it a great deal at $19.95? Aren't they supposed to be $6. in stores? So that would make them $12. for the two containers. I guess you're actually paying for the bag, also. Hmm, didn't realize that.)

Ya know, don't these HSN videos crack you up, though? IT always feels like Adam and Eric know more about what's going on in these things than the hosts do. Actually, the hosts usually seem so out of it, like the producer just threw them out on stage, didn't tell them a thing about what they were selling, and said "ANNND you're on!" and away they went! I just laugh and laugh. OH you HSN, you.

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Netta said...

Nathan I ordered them from hsn because I wanted to try them and noticed that they were not yet available in stores or on method's website. Do you know when they will become available on the site? I will admit that 2 dish cubes and a bag for $19.95 plus shipping are a bit much but right now this seems to be an only option of getting them.

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