Thursday, August 14, 2008

popping up

Brand new method luster Jeff (welcome, Jeff!) lets me know that his Target store in the great state of Washington has seen the new aircare line pop up! LUCKY him! (I guess he's closer than us east coasters to method's headquarters, so perhaps the quicker turn around?) He picked up a bunch of goodies, but also let me know that while the candles now sport a sleeker, shallow glass jar, and a slightly larger size (6.5 oz. over the previous 6.0 oz.); they also sport a slightly higher price tag. The new candle line is going for $7.99 a candle (ouch!) over the $5.99 price for the discontinued ceramic jar.

A little steep for me (I was sorta turned off on last years $6.99 holiday candles; so $7.99 ugh), but let's see how it all shakes out. I'm still excited to check'em out, and pick up a pomegranate tea candle!


Carolyn said...

They're also in my Target - but then my Target is in downtown Minneapolis a block away from Target World HQ.

They're bigger than I expected!

robertcraig said...

Sadly, the girls in New England seem to get things last.

7.99 ouch! But it is a great deal for a soy candle. I make my own soy candles at home and I could never make one that cheap and still smell great.

Karin said...

i just paid $9.95 (on sale from $20) for a paddywax soy candle. so $7.99 ain't that bad i guess. Nate, you MUST check out the paddywax bordeaux FIG and vetiver soy candle: i would tell you to go to Anthropologie and pick one up because they are on sale...but i'm thinking you may not have one in Greensboro. :(

Nathan Aaron said...

You're so evil, Karin! lol No, we don't have one in GSO (what a surprise.) Charlotte, yes, not GSO. I'll have to check them out.

$7.99 really isn't that bad, I'm just so cheap, but seriously it's because I'm just so constantly poor. I'd buy out everything method had to own, if I was rollin' in the dough. But unfortunately I'm just not. But I'm definitely gonna pick me up the pomegranate tea. That scent is really growing on me.

The Classy Stoner said...

I liked the ceramic jar. Felt like an old friend. Plus my room is white.

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