Friday, August 8, 2008

aircare extreme makeover!

Come on... the return of aroma enhancer sprays, new smarty dish cubes, marine naturals body wash and scrub, pomegranate tea and gingerbread + spice fall edition aircare scents, new squeaky green laundry detergent and dryer cloths... and more! Oh my word!

That's not enough, is it? Nah, not really. I mean, come on, it's method's eighth year birthday month! We're not playin' around here! Let's celebrate! How about a brand new aircare line makeover! SHO'nough!

Get ready, I just got some mind blowing news tonight about some amazing new aircare items and redesigns we'll be seeing very shortly in stores! Many lusters have already noticed the clearancing of the method aircare candles, and oddly, the lavender + lemongrass pill set, and more! What's going on here?! Well, never fear, it's great news! Are you ready? Are you sitting down. This news is so big, I had to release it over the weekend (and I never do that!) I'm so excited!


+ First, method's candles are heading back to glass containers (I'm not sure if they'll retain their iconic Karim design/shape, we'll have to wait and see! I'd be surprised if method changed this, BUT I also know they like to constantly shake things up, so who knows!) They've decided to go back to glass (the candles originally came in glass, before redesigning the line, and using ceramic) since glass is actually recyclable, and ceramic unforunately is not (but they make great dessert cups!) So look for all your favorite candle scents back soon, in glass containers!

+ Method is doing a new test concept for their aroma rings! Specifically in the sweet water scent (are you ready for this??) the ring will be made out of bamboo! OH my word! I hear it simply rocks! And looks SWEET! Bamboo aroma rings! Not plastic! I can't wait! One more exclamation point! There you go.

+ And a biggie (a lot of people have been wanting this) they are re-releasing the lavender + lemongrass pill set (no, lavender + lemongrass is not being discontinued! Hallelujah! It's my favorite!) in a nightlite concept! HOW COOL is that! I can't wait! Oh, wait, I already said that!...

+ The aroma pills will now have single and twin refill packs. So you won't have to purchase two at one time, if you don't wish to! They used to be available in single; then went to only twin; and now they'll be available in both!

+ Look for aroma sticks (in their new streamlined vases!) to come in sweet water, lemongrass + lavender, and now vanilla apple.

+ The four main scents are: sweet water, lemongrass + lavender, vanilla apple, and citrus cilantro.

+ The fall scents will come as follows:
Pomegranate Tea - single pill refill, air enhancer spray, candle, aroma ring refill
Gingerbread Spice - pill refill twin, air enhancer spray, candle

The candles, bamboo rings, and aroma air enhancer sprays are heading to stores as I type this! The rest will play catch up! How excited are you? I can't... no, I won't say it again. (psst, I can't wait!)

NO, I don't have pics at the moment, but as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on some, I'll post them pronto! You know I will. I take care of my own kind! Let method lust know if you start seeing any of these items hitting your very own store shelves!


melanemac said...

While it's nice that some of these changes seem to be coming along with a need to be more "green", it's hard to believe that they still aren't going to do a refill for the aroma sticks. To me that is a no brainer. The packaging is already there...just slap a sticker on it.

It's hitting 2 weeks of August now...has any of the new stuff hit Target yet? (we aren't doing too much Target any more...trying to stick to a budget and Target directly goes against any kind of!!!)

Netta said...

I totally agree, I was hoping that method would consider refills for the aroma sticks as well.

Anonymous said...

That's a bummer about the candles. The ceramic looks so much cleaner and modern than boring glass - and while I'd definitely hang on to the ceramic containers as dessert cups or small plant pots, the glass ones have no residual value to me. I don't see how they're going to look much different than a Glade candle... I guess they'll be doing the same with the aroma sticks? Good thing I have one I can reuse...

I've got 3 right now (the 4th I bought on clearance fell on the floor and cracked before I even got it out of the Target bag), and I'd hoped to accumulate a set of 8. Oh well.

Nathan Aaron said...

Well, they've just redesigned the aroma stick vases, so I don't see those going away anytime soon. We shall see. You still have time to accumulate!

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