Thursday, August 21, 2008

with this ring...

Luster Nate (Ha ha! Not me!) wrote in to say:

"I love the new Method aroma sprays! I remember you said you don't know what the point of the ring is, but I knew exactly what to do! I got home and hung it on the hooks I bought from Ikea! It's perfect!"

I thought it was such a great idea to show us what he's done with his spray, that I'd take a quick pic of mine, as well! I've hung mine on a key hook (I have two, and have always only used the one for my keys) right next to the door! Now if I ever need to quickly freshen the room before answering the door, I can do it with ease. Yay method, you're winning us over with this new aroma spray bottle!

Show us your pics! Where are you hanging your new aroma spray? (Extra points for naughty pics. JOKING, just joking! Whew.)

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