Tuesday, August 19, 2008

praise be!

I've had a good number of lusters sending me exciting emails discussing their latest adventures to Target, and their new method discoveries!

"...I am happy to say that my visit to Target last night was a success...well at least in part. I got two airsprays ... lavender + lemongrass and pomegranate tea! Woo hoo! The candles were there and I REALLY like the new design but I have too many candles at my apt. right now and couldn’t justify buying another one ... we’ll see how long that lasts! They also had the bamboo ring which I think I might try one day. I was disappointed, however, that they did not have the new body washes ... I really want to try the refresh mint scent you’ve been blogging about.
- Karin"

"I stopped into Target today (since I was on that side of town running errands) and to my surprise there was new stuff. I cannot tell you how happy I was. I was a kid in a candy store for a moment. I purchased some stuff like the vanilla apple (my favorite) and pomegranate tea candles. They had some open shelving labeled with some other scents for more candles. Not sure if they were stocked and bought out or if they are incoming. I purchased the aroma sprays in citrus cilantro, lavender lemongrass, vanilla apple, and pomegranate tea. I was excited about the sprays in particular because when I became an advocate I just missed the sprays because they were discontinued. I purchased the lavender lemongrass night light and the apple vanilla aroma sticks, too.
- Netta"

and then there are the comments left here on method lust:

"Went to Target today, and they have everything BUT the marine naturals line. I bought one of everything (well, almost...)
- Steve"

"Guess what I got tonight?!? The new Pomegranate Tea candle. LOVE IT! I then headed over to the tea isle and bought some pomegranate tea... I don't even like tea but figured if it smells that good, it must taste even better... But please, don't eat the candle. Already tried that here!
- Jamison"


I plan on giving my reviews to many of the new products early next week (if I'm not lazy!) But right now I'm am so loving the new pomegranate tea candle (as seen on my very own coffee table in the pic above!) It's amazing what tea can do to what was otherwise a rather pedestrian scent (in the hand wash line.) And I gotta say, that old ceramic candle is so 2007 for me already. Ha! It's weird how much you can lust for something, and then when something new comes along, you forget it so quickly. It's sorta like whenever I see something shiny. Ohh, look, shiny thing. I'll call the ambulance in a moment, ok? Pretty...

SO, what are your thoughts? What have you found/bought/lusted? Tell us!


stephanie j. said...

My east Tucson, AZ store had the Smarty Dish (both pink grapefruit and go naked) on an endcap with, boooooooo, POSER cleaning supplies from Clorox and Palmolive. I picked up a lovely pink container (my 2 1/2 year daughter was with me, and wouldn't let me get the white one...ha!)

They also had the price tags up and empty shelf ready to stock the sea minerals wash line, right under the on-sale cute as a button kids line washes....so I hunted down an associate and asked them to pull some from the unpacked boxes in the stockroom. Refresh mint is at hand!

There were new packaging aroma pill refills, but no night light aroma pill kits. No new airsprays, either.

Finally, a nice advocacy story. The lady behind me in line asked what in the world "Le Scrub" was...then a lady in the next checkout lane said, "let me see that!" I hope I convinced two people just how wonderful my precious Le Scrub is!

Oh wait, one more thing. My Mom up in the Seattle area told me that Bartell Drug has their full line of Method 25% off. Last time I visited up there, they had older stuff, so maybe they are clearing out for the current line.

Devon said...

I just bought the Pomegranate Tea airspray with the cool little ring top for my dorm room! They also had the nightlight but I have so much good smelly stuff for the room already. I'd bought the ring earlier and now I want the bamboo one, but *sigh* it would be wasteful not to use what I have, seeing as how I already bought nearly all the scents available for refills.

Alas they had no new line of body stuff, so I suppose I'll have to wait. I hope the Target at college is well stocked.

Just saying, love the blog! Found it a few days ago and I had already been addicted to method but this really helps me keep up! :P

- From Northern VA.

robertcraig said...

Girl, where are you? Are you okay?

I finally got the new stuff up here in MA. Finally!

Karin said...

Oh boy, went back to Target today...bought smarty dish cubes, night-light plug-in and refresh mint body wash. If method comes out with more new things then I'm gonna go broke!

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