Saturday, August 16, 2008

weekend notes

Ooh, look here! I (literally like ten minutes ago) left a Target near me, having discovered some new method products! Yay!

My first discovery happened to be the new smarty dish cubes! They only had them in pink grapefruit at the moment (with a spot for the Go Naked) so I grabbed up some of the grapefruit to give a try! The package is so tiny, like you can hold it in the palm of your hand small! Wow! Really cool.

Then, I turned right around in the aisle, and was staring at the aircare area! It was a mixed bag, they have yet to get the candles in/or stocked, but they did have most other items. The new vanilla apple aroma sticks, the bamboo aroma ring, the pomegranate tea plugin refill; and the new aroma sprays. ALL of them, except the one I needed, the lavender + lemongrass. How odd? They had a space for it, but nothing was there. I cried a tiny tear, took a moment of silence, and moved on to: the new aroma pill nightlight! Why am I so excited about a nightlight?!? I have no idea, but I whipped it up, and ran to the checkout! (The bamboo ring looks really nice, but being on a limited budget at the moment, the nightlight and dish cubes won out!)

It looks almost exactly like the currently pill version. They've updated their logo to the method circle inside the house (I think they might be heading in the direction of using that for everything down the line, time will tell.) And it DOES turn on when the lights go out in a room, and turn off when they come on, automatically! How cool is that! It emits this subtle blue/white light when it's on, and I think it's great! I'll get the real test tonight, when it's dark out. I put it in the bathroom, I thought that was probably the best room for it, no?

The prices appear to have gone up about a dollar for many of the new items (the bamboo ring is one dollar more than the plastic version; the pill nightlight is one dollar more than it's plain version; and of course said here earlier, the candles are two dollars more.) Here's hoping the new candles pop up soon near me! (And you, too!) OH, and the smarty dish cubes are only $4.99! (Not the $6.99 suggested price we were expecting to pay! Yay!)


Oh, unrelated, I uh, totally realized I have yet to post up new polls! What is my problem? Man! Well, I'll get that remedied very soon, alright! So just bare with me for a bit. (Hmm, gotta think up some new questions!)


sustainableisgood said...

Hey nate,

Similar experience up here in Mass at Target. They have both the Go Naked and Pink Grapefruit Smarty Dish on the shelves. However that was about it for new method products at the store I was at. No bamboo ring. Its really interesting to see what Target is up to - sometimes I wonder if they even know. The store near Providence just over the border in MA has so many "green" products now. It almost doesn't make sense from Mrs. Meyers, TerraCycle cleaning products, 7th Gen, Method, there are two others I am forgetting and then Clorox Green works - new dish soap, CleanWell and it goes on and on. Its like now they are inundating consumers. I wonder how its working? and what impact its having on Method products? They pretty much ruled the shelves at Target even six months ago now lots of competition.

keep up the good work read ML everyday!

Anonymous said...

Bad experience this weekend at my Target in Columbia, SC. For one, the half an isle long Method section is gone. Now only a small 1/6 of an isle dedicated to Method. The Air Care line is completely gone, with the candles and pills being clearanced on a clearance end-cap. Good For Wood, the OMop and all the refills are now with the "Wood Care" section, intermixed with non-Method products. It's strange. Real strange. I liked my one stop Method stop Target had before.... Oh, an none of the new products to be found. Maybe it's just a time of transition, not only for Method but for the store. Either way, I cried.

robertcraig said...

I live between 2 Targets. One has had all the Method stuff spead out for a while. You have to really look for the stuff. The other Target has a huge aircare section and an even bigger section of all the cleaning stuff, minus the omop, which is in its own section. One store is easier to find stuff, the other store has better sale prices. But regardless, it seems we get everything last here in the gay state.

steve parker said...

i like having all the method together on one isle, but it has to be better for method if every item is located where one would usually find that item. after all, i discovered method on the detergent isle when i was looking for detergent. i would not have gone down the general purpose cleaning isle to see if target had placed something good next to the dish soap. i see plenty of people in target pass by the big section of method to head straight to whatever they were planning to buy, without giving method a first glance (much less a second), and then purchase something method makes.

and what is up with target. mine in charlotte clearanced the all floor omop and all floor microfiber pad. i would think it would make more sense to clearance all floor in one and wood for good in the other, but what do i know?

Nathan Aaron said...

Oh that's just lame if they're clearancing the all floor microfiber pad! I was thinking you now have to buy the wood for good omop but could still easily buy the all floor microfiber cloth, so it'd all be fine. I swear, Target erks me to no end at times...

I agree with Steve, I think they should be in their respective areas. I love the special section, but agree it gets lost. The new smarty dish cubes are in the special method section at one of my stores; and I really don't think too many people will know it exists when they go to the dish cube/soap aisle to make a purchase. Separating it out would definitely allow the "everyday/non-method knowing" consumer to find method easier! Even the toilet/bathroom products are with the spray cleaner. Not a good idea. Everyone goes to the toilet/bathroom section, doesn't even know method makes their own version.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I got tonight?!? The new Pomegranate Tea candle. LOVE IT! I then headed over to the tea isle and bought some pomegranate tea... I don't even like tea but figured if it smells that good, it must taste even better... But please, don't eat the candle. Already tried that here!

Anonymous said...

I stocked up on the remaining vanilla apple candles clearanced at Target this weekend - giving me a total of 6 future dessert cups/vases/herb pots/coffee cups. I am really bummed about the price increases too, so I'm glad I'm stocked up for a good long time. Now if Method would just start selling at CVS (where I play the drugstore game and get my household goods for pennies), I'd be thrilled.

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