Tuesday, August 5, 2008

one man review - pomegranate tea aroma spray

I know, all my other posts have it as pomegranate + tea. But apparently on the bottle it's just pomegranate tea (I can't keep up with all the +'s and minuses method uses! Ok, they only use +'s, but it sounded better to include minuses in the list. Beside, she didn't want to be kept out, ya know? How not nice is that?)

Yay! I've gotten the rare and wonderful privilege of giving the new fall edition pomegranate tea aroma spray a try! First off, the bad. (Follow along, it'll all work itself out, I promise.) Upon seeing pics for the new aroma spray bottles, I wasn't too keen on the rings they now sport. I just didn't get it? Plus, I didn't think they looked too good. Secondly, method had a pomegranate hand wash out many moons ago; and they currently have it in many Big Lots stores (during the last big method/Big Lots run!) but to me it smelled like cherry kool-aid. Definitely not a yay in my book.

Now, the good news! (See, I told you, follow through always works out.) The new bottles sorta well, rock! I don't even get it! Honestly, I still don't really "get" the ring. They could have just created a trigger nozzle/bottle combination, and still left the lid off; but I think they wanted to be clever. And while I'm not sure how "clever" the ring is, it doesn't matter, cause it's rather cute! I sincerely like it! In fact, I showed it to my friend, and the first thing she said was "OH, you can hang the bottle up where ever you want to!" and she's sort of right, it would hang in many places. But no matter what it's purpose (other than the actual purpose of preventing accidental spraying) I think it's great! It's really cute, not cheap looking at all. I give the ring a thumbs up!

Secondly, at first I wasn't so sure about the pomegranate tea scent when I sprayed it into the air. Hmm? I don't know. But you know what, it's growing on me! I think I might actually be into it when it makes it into stores (which I'm hoping will be mid-August!) method will probably hate me for saying this, but you know what the scent reminds me of? - black cherries. That pomegranate scent is still cherrying away, but with the added tea, it gives it this deep depth that simply reminds me of the smell of black cherries! I don't know how "fall" the scent feels to me, but never the less, I think it's nice. Time will tell if I really get attached to it, but right now I'm gonna say it's a good scent. Love black cherries? You'll seriously love pomegranate tea!

pomegranate tea aroma spray - three and a half (out of five)
aroma bottle with ring "lid" - four and a half (out of five)

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steve parker said...

i hope this smells as good as actual pomegranate tea. i love that fragrance! when i drink it, i sniff like it's a wine with a fine bouquet. maybe that could be their next fragrance - Cabernet Sauvignon. just a thought.

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