Sunday, August 3, 2008

our second poll finale!

Curious what all those poll outcomes were? Or not curious at all, but just need something to read cause it's real early on Monday morning and you're just not feelin' work much at the moment! Well, never fear, method lust is here! With our second poll finale! So, without further yada yada, here you go:

Do you currently purchase method products?
YES - 174 votes
NO - 7 votes

method lust gender ratio - you are:
FEMALE - 85 votes
MALE - 31 votes

Do you like the new method labels?
LOVE'EM! - 39 votes
NOT SO MUCH - 42 votes
NEW LABELS? - 20 votes
DOESN'T MATTER- 17 votes

Wow! I'm telling you, this was a close one for a while. At first the not so muchers were winning big, then it started to really tie up for a while between the love'em and the not so muchers; but the final outcome (with only three extra votes) is the not so much crowd. (I happen to be one of them.) What's really surprising though, are the 20 votes of new labels? Ha! Where have you guys been, sleeping under a rock? (Oh, and uh, if you have, sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything...) It'll be interesting to see if these new label designs last?

Which method hand wash scents do you use?
ALMOND FLOWER - 21 votes
CUCUMBER - 35 votes
GREEN TEA + ALOE - 48 votes
GO NAKED - 23 votes
OLIVE LEAF - 14 votes
SEA MINERALS - 44 votes
SWEET WATER - 64 votes
WHITE TEA - 22 votes

Well, I guess I can see why method is pushing their sweet water scent hard in their products. 64 big ole' votes! Followed by green tea + aloe, french lavender (my fav!), and sea minerals (seems also method might have a hot new scent on their hands that sticks around for a change. This scent seems to be popular here, and it's popping up in the new marine naturals body wash line, so we shall see!) Poor olive leaf, I'm surprised! I thought that was a popular scent in the body wash line, and therefore would be in the creamy hand wash line as well. Huh?

Which is your favorite method holiday scent?
CINNAMON BARK - 24 votes
HOLLYBERRY - 30 votes
MISTLETOE - 0 votes
SNOWY DAYS - 6 votes
SPICED PEAR - 24 votes

Looks like two of the very early holiday scents, snowy days and mistletoe didn't hit high on the votes due to a lot of people not getting the chance to give them a try. I have some snowy days lotion and a candle, it's a nice clean scent; but I never got to try mistletoe either. (NOT) surprisingly, peppermint vanilla wins big (and you know, you'd think I'd LOVE this scent, I love vanilla, I LOVE peppermint, but it doesn't do much for me. I think it's too vanilla-y, not enough mint; but then that shouldn't surprise you either, right?) Spiced pear is the only one in the list making a return for 2008; along with new frosted fir, toasted hazelnut, and winterberry. Can't wait! (It's also the first year method is rolling out FOUR scents for the holidays! Yes!)

Would you purchase a method auto care line? (like their previous Vroom auto line)
YES - 123 votes
NO - 16 votes
NOT SURE - 23 votes

HOLY crap-oley! Seems people would love to see a method auto care line! 123 Yes votes! That there's a lot o' votes! Let's see if method hears us down the line!

What would you love to see next from method?
AUTO CARE - 40 votes
DRAIN CLEANER - 41 votes
PET CARE - 51 votes
DEODORANT - 77 votes
TOOTHPASTE - 52 votes

Give you guys more choices, and it becomes harder to decide (auto care still gets good votes, but you apparently want a couple other things too!) What might those be? Fabric refresher spray (think Febreze) gets a huge 79 votes, followed by, drum roll, deodorant! WHO would have thought? And then toothpaste! Can you not see toothpaste from method, how much would that rock? I think seeing deodorant and toothpaste from method might be dreaming a bit at the moment, but I can see the fabric refresher spray becoming a reality at some point down the line! Cross our fingers!

And there we have it! Our second ever poll finale! Thanks to everyone for taking the time and voting! Check back really soon for a brand new line up of poll questions!

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buchanan said...

I am one of the few people who voted no for auto-care, but I'd like to say it's only because I don't own a car!!

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