Monday, August 18, 2008

wee one bundles

Well look here, I just stumbled upon a new method gift set bundle! And of all places, at Babies R' Us! (No no, I'm not planning on a wee one in the near future! I can barely take care of myself and my cats! Actually, usually my cats just take care of me. I've even trained them to replace aroma pill refills when they get empty! Isn't that cool! Ok, no well, I haven't really trained them to do that, but wow, that would rock... hmm.) Oh right, where was I?

Babies R' Us is carrying a new squeaky green gift set! The set includes one diaper cream, one body lotion, one hair & body wash, one hand wash, one all-surface spray, and one baby laundry detergent. The hand wash and all-surface spray appear to be in go naked. It retails for $29.99 and is available online at Babies R' Us. I'm not sure if it's also available in the store?

Also, you can purchase these items separately through the Babies R' Us website.


On a related note, a friend of mine from work recently asked me where I'd gotten "those hippy baby products" from? Ha! I bought him and his wife some method baby items for their baby shower months ago. And apparently the wife loves them, especially the baby lotion. But they weren't sure where to find them, so I let him know it was Target (and gave him a method baby product coupon I had just to push him along!) But he said his wife always calls them the "hippy products." Ah, some things never change, I guess!


robertcraig said...

Babies are gross.

Nathan Aaron said...

But you were once a baby! :-) They grow up.

kaoticorchid said...

I actually bought some of these products pre-baby arrival (she's here now!) and love them. I also use both the Go Naked! all-surface spray and hand wash, so we'll probably be purchasing this set in the future. I'll have to peek in our local Babies R' Us and let you know if they have the gift set there. For some reason they are the only place nearby that we can get the Go Naked! fabric softener sheets. Yay!

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