Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wipes to the rescue!

method luster Netta has some high praise for method's wipes!

"As I mentioned before I am not a wipes person but back in May when I became an advocate I purchased the bathroom wipes along with the entire bathroom line, and the wipes have been sitting on the tank of my toilet bowl since I purchased them. Last night some of my out of state family members called out of nowhere and said that they were in NY and would be stopping at my home in about half hour. Needless to say my powder room was not in the best of conditions and I could not have my family using the bathroom in the condition that it was in so that they can talk about my dirty bathroom when they tell people about their visit to NY.

I walked into the powder room and looked around and I noticed the wipes sitting on the tank and thought to myself, "well let's see what you can do". Nathan, can I tell you that I used the wipes to wipe the countertop, the sink, the hardware, the toilet bowl, and I even used them on the floor. The floor took some elbow grease but my bathroom was sparkling, smelling good, and most importantly it was was clean and took me all of 10 minutes, if that long. Who knew that a bathroom wipe can perform like that when put to the test.

I also noticed that the wipe was more like a cloth, it was not flimsy like other wipes I used before becoming an advocate (clorox wipes for example) which is the reason why I was totally against wipes and the best part is that they are flushable. Because of this experience, I think that I may give the other method wipes a try and see how they work!"

Thanks Netta! I might have to give those wipes a second look, as well.

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