Monday, August 4, 2008

paper towel detox

If anyone remembers this post I did about a month ago (but really, you don't, do you? Come on, you can be honest. Not a clue! Well, let me refresh your memories! See, I'm all nice like that, now ain't I?)

I had decided to go paper towel-less. No more paper towels, and instead I'd use these microfiber cloths I found at Target (they're bigger than methods, and more general purpose.) I'd also use my method microfiber cloths for their particular cleaning uses (wood, glass, etc.) AND, I was going to stop purchasing the method compostable cleaning cloths (while they're great, and compostable! I wondered if perhaps just using a couple extra method general purpose mop cloths would do the trick, save me money and I could just wash and reuse them, over and over! But I'm not saying don't buy their sweeping cloths, I think they rock!)

I did have one package of paper towels on hand, for the really scary stuff.

Well, guess what, I went through that one paper towel roll. BUT seriously, I was really impressed with how I began to use the microfiber cloths for cleaning (and they suck up water like nobodies business!) Including some rather nasty messes best not repeated on this blog (see: Cats, nasty messes.) And the general purpose mop cloths in place of the compostable sweeping cloths have worked out wonderfully! So I ran out of my one roll of paper towels during July (and I'll usually go through two to three rolls a month) and decided, I'm not purchasing any more. I took my (really cute sniff sniff) paper towel holder, and put it away in storage (can't part with it just yet.) I've decided I'm going full force no paper towels this month, and see if I can do it! Plus, I know I can, because I've done really well with the microfiber cloths since I got them (I have six, which I just rewash!)

Have you done this? Do you think you can go paper towel-less? Why not give it a try? Make August your paper towel free month! (Target carries some great white, general purpose microfiber cloths in the kitchen section; and also, you can pick up a package of them in their auto section in colors, if that's what you want. In fact, they're under the old method label, Vroom (of which is no longer a method brand, unfortunately.) Give it a try! Let us know how it goes! I dare ya!

(PS - And yes, I cleaned up cat CRAP with my microfiber cloths, so you now have no excuse! See, I said you didn't want to know!)


Andrea said...


Thanks to microfiber cloths I've managed to cut down to one roll of select a size paper towels maybe every 2 months. You Can Do It!!! And yes I RUN to Target :o) Love me some Target!

sustainableisgood said...

Bravo on going paper towel free. We've done the same thing here using reusable cloths and microfiber as the alternatives and have no complaints. Paper towels are convenient, but incredibly wasteful and often unnecessary. Plus many of the paper towels people buy are made from awful things like fresh cut trees and some even have plastics in them.

Like you, I maintain a roll of recycled paper towels in the event they are needed. On the whole, we've completely eliminated them.

Sprockets said...

Nathan, do you know if there is any difference between the various Method microfiber cloths besides their colour? I'd think they would all (glas, wood, granite, steel) work just as well on any surface?

harris said...

i managed a blog of paper towela and microfiber clothes

harris said...


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