Wednesday, April 2, 2008

book'em, danno

It was in my hands! I went to Barnes And Noble, and started looking for the new Squeaky Green book! Not being able to find it, I hunted out a very nice employee and asked if she knew where it might be. Not recalling hearing the title before (what??? Where has she been living, Mars?) she looked it up, and told me sure enough, they had a few copies, she'd just have to find them. (A few copies? I mean, I was expecting a window display, a WALL of Squeaky Green books with whimsical people dressed in bright colors standing among the display, spritzing people with delightful method products! I mean, don't ya think like, they should have had a Squeaky Green midnight release like they do with all those Harry Whoever books. Come on now, do it right! Whew... sorry, rant over. You know I'm just jokin', right? But wouldn't that have been the bomb?! THE bomb.) so we went to the home/green section - nothing.

But she was determined, and went to the back. A little bit later she returns with a copy (the Holy Grail! AH!) and hands it to me, exclaiming "No wonder I couldn't find it, it literally just made it off the truck a couple hours ago!" And I was so happy!

It's much smaller than I expected it to be; actual book dimensions, I mean. Not the page count. (And I just have to say, personally, I really dislike spiral bound anything. It reminds me of high school, and those are days best left untouched. But you know, it does seem to work pretty well here with their book. And I noticed quite a few of the "green books" were spiral bound? I wonder why?) But it seems really cool, and looks to have a lot of great ideas/hints/etc. in it! Unfortunately especially for the woman to whom I apologized profusely; I had to put it back. I'm waiting on pay day here, people! I'm a poor poor boy! But it's just sitting there, waiting for me and my wallet to get chunky! It's just a matter of time! (Oh wait, one down and one to go. And it ain't the wallet that's chunky...)

Have you picked a copy up yet? Thoughts?

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Steve Parker said...

I just purchased my very own copy today at my local B&N. check out my new blog ( for my opinion of methods cool new book. BTW, I plan to post a shoutout to method lust, I just haven't had time yet. It's coming soon!

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