Wednesday, April 30, 2008

deep thinking

Ok, bear with me for a moment. There's gonna be a little deep thinking here on method lust. I know, I know. Gasping won't save you. It's gonna happen! So here goes.

First up, this isn't a review or a pan of the new method squeaky green book! I love that book, it's so informative, and I've already been checking out all my toothpaste and personal care products for ingredient listings and such. As well as finally moving all the bad cleaning products I've had lying around in my home, OUT of my home (Yes, there were still some nasties living in my home. I confess.) But you know what, and I've heard this echoed on other sites; "this book scares the Hell out of me!" And it does. I mean, it's very informative, but almost becomes too overwhelming. I wanna burn down my home, and launch myself into space, heading for Mars to await the first colony! Cause Earth is doomed!

Which leads me to my second point. As I was waiting for my vehicle to be fixed yesterday, the auto repairman (is that what you call those guys? You know what I mean.) and I were talking about the weather, and how it was 65 degrees (Tuesday); but would be 80 by Friday. And how we didn't have Spring or Fall anymore! And he mentioned that he just didn't know how the world would fare. He hoped earth, and mankind would reverse itself for his grandchildren, and their children. But you know what - he doesn't have much hope. He said it wasn't just the United States that had to make major changes (as I had mentioned that people were going to have to make a huge paradigm shift in the way they lived), but rather the entire world, and human beings are unfortunately a huge "give me now" type of society, not necessarily a "sacrifice for future generations" kind. And really, as I sit and watch the climate crisis, and global oil issues, and now food crisis (though some of this in the US is currently media created paranoia; for the moment) I'm left to wonder if he might not be right.

I try over and over to get my friends to wake up and just do small things (reusable tote bags, no more 90 gallon containers of laundry detergent; please stop using that nasty bleach all over your house, etc.) but you know what, I have to say it's not sinking in at the moment. And I'm at a loss for what to do. I will say, sooner or later I'm gonna give out a big "I told you so" when plastic bags are finally banned, and they HAVE to buy tote bags. But you know, how long will it take the world to do that. We as a society are SO slow to change, it's crazy. I mean, it takes generations to just move beyond racial and sexual orientation stereotypes and hatred. How long will it take us to make the big shift we need to make in order to save our one and only planet from doom. Because I'm thinking it's gotta be NOW, not later. What are your thoughts? Do you think we're doomed? Have a chance? Society is mostly awake? Or still blissfully ignorant?

Didn't know method lust could be depressing, did you?


Quill said...

I don't think the planet is doomed. Earth has survived worse than humanity. But we as a species are coming up on trouble if we don't change our ways...and many other species along with us. Life will survive, but we might not.

I don't think things are irreversible...yet. Developed nations are starting to pay attention. The environment of the future may be quite different than the one we know now, but we have a little time yet if we don't waste it.

Lori said...

I don't think we are doomed either... But we need to get people on board. This is so silly, but i give people earth friendly stuff for gifts, and wrap it in a reusable bag... once they try the stuff they usually love it... and once they get used to using reusable bags they are surprised they have never done it before. I know its a tacky gift - and everyone makes fun of me and calls me a hippie... but once they try everything and learn that earth is going to self destruct soon - they are thankful and 9 times out of 10 change their ways...

Anonymous said...

I tell you that having kids has opened my eyes to all of this. B.K. (not meaning Burger King but rather Before Kids) I lived along with MOST of the rest of society in blissfully unaware. When you sit down and think about things it is a bit scary and overwhelming. I am hopeful when I see all this "Green" press though. Hopefully it won't take us as long with this as with other changes that we have needed to make. If we plan to save our own tails we NEED to be aware and do the work. To go back to the question - I don't think we're out of luck, yet. But we had better get to work. of us.

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