Friday, April 4, 2008

omop de' bop bop

This review is so cute, via oh my that's awesome! And while at first it may start negative, the omop wins the day in the end! (This review is based on the original omop plastic clamshell packaging. And it's a perfect chance to let everyone know the new omop packaging is in stores now, and is so much easier to open! Which is a winner all the way around. In fact, after reading some of the new packaging reviews, I want a new one, just to see this great packaging on the inside! Then I could be dual mopping at one time! Two hands, armed with omops! Uh, but not going to be doing that.) Check out the review:

"I picked up this Method OMOP starter kit the other day in the hopes that it will replace my lousy Swiffer and actually clean the 900,000 sq feet of hard wood floors in my house. Here's the results of my test run:

The packaging? What. The #$%?!?. It took me 20 minutes to open.

How do you put it together! #$%?!? Oh, ok, I see.

It takes a while to get use to how it actually works since the oil causes the mop itself to drag a bit. Once you get the rhythm, you're golden.

Method products are ecological and safe for all living beings.

Sleek, ergonomic design makes applying pressure to the floor a cinch and it's pretty comfortable to use.

Almond scented cleaning oil makes your whole house smell amazing!

Cleaned my floor thoroughly and dried quickly, and my floors are literally sparkling now.

I finally get to throw away that stupid Swiffer!"

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