Wednesday, April 30, 2008

clean your plate

Danny Seo, method's eco-stylist, wrote a post over on his Daily Danny blog about a fun project he did during Detox Boston!

"Okay, so I had a blast in Boston at the Method Detox Boston party. Method, the eco-friendly cleaning supply company, opened a "pop-up" shop on Newbury street to help give people in Boston a chance to try Method products and stock-up on all the latest and greatest.

One some of the nights, I hosted small parties to a group of local people to introduce myself and do a fun crafting project together: reglazed silhouette plates.

We picked up a bunch of old plates from Goodwill, some bakeable porcelain glaze, brushes and 8 1/2 X 11" sticker paper to make these plates. I thought I would share some of the creative plates the guests came up with!"

You can see one of the plates above, with the method logo painted on it! Check his site for more plate photos!

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