Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Look at all these great reviews on method's all purpose (now called all surface) spray cleaner!

"I have been using Method's French Lavender All-purpose surface cleaner for the better part of a year and it is great. It smells terrific, and combined with a microfiber cloth it shines up all sorts of surfaces. I even use it for quick touch-ups of my stainless steel appliances and my sealed stovetop. I spray it on the floor to mop and don't have to worry about keeping the dog away from toxic chemicals. Same goes for people and the countertops and tabletops. Unlike a lot of other eco-friendly products, this is available at several "mainstream" retailers, making it more convenient to purchase, and the price is much more reasonable.
- Kate S."

"I recently purchased the Pink Grapefruit all-purpose cleaner in attempt to be more environmentally conscious. I was replacing my Windex brand product and was a bit wary of how it would compare. I was overwhelmed with the effectiveness!! It smelled great and cut grease and didn't streak up my mirrors. I LOVE it!! I will definitely purchase it again. Not only was it effective but it was friendly on the wallet too.
- Anna A."

"I have a very sensitive nose and most commercial cleaners leave me feeling like someone ran a sharp rake in my nostrils, but not Method. The scents are very pleasing and not overwhelming. I feel more secure using these products on surfaces that my young children touch... I find it more then adequate for everyday cleaning purposes.
- Erin M."

"I am very happy with my Method all purpose cleaner. It smells like flowers, cleans sticky dirt, and makes me feel virtuous.
- Kenna B."

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