Friday, April 25, 2008

vs! - orange glo vs. method floor cleaner

Ding, Ding! In this corner we have Orange Glo! And in this corner, method floor cleaner! Make it a clean fight, boys!

From Mummy's Product Review site comes this product comparison:

"In this corner we have the tried and true Orange Glo floor cleaner. Guaranteed to polish your floors and make them shine for more than five minutes! In this next corner stands Method's Wood for Good non-toxic floor cleaner! In a battle royale of floor polishing feats who will come out the clear winner? Let's break it down shall we?

Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner & Polish - It claims to clean your hardwood floor in one easy step. First it cleans, then shines and finally protects your floors all while revitalizing the hardwood. Using a dry mop I squirted the milky, orange-scented cleaner onto my floor and spread it out evenly. I follow the grain of the wood and I really do see a difference. It takes some scrubbing on some of the sticky parts of the kitchen floor but my floor really does shine and the orange scent thankfully isn't too strong. A day later my floor is still shiny even in the high traffic areas. The rooms I clean that barely see any foot traffic, like my dining room, stay shiny for up to a week. Fabulous! I was looking for a cleaner that was a bit more green though. Plus the solution does not squirt out of the bottle well. The spray goes wayward and hit a few walls despite pointing it nowhere near a wall. This left an oily stain on my wall which thankfully is being repainted soon. I also noticed that after a few uses my floor did not look shiny anymore but dull in fact and in a room with new hardwood this should not be the case... I am now throwing away my Orange Glo...

Method's Good for Wood Almond Floor Cleaner - I used this product first and found that while it takes some scrubbing to actually clean my floors it does work. It is not a fantastic floor cleaner like Murphy's Oil soap but the wood seems to drink it in and remain shiny and polished for a few days even in the high traffic areas. I love the light almond scent that lingers for a day leaving my home smelling clean and fresh. Just like the other cleaner, this one is a squirt and mop job. The oval shaped bottle doesn't drip cleaner out and it dries faster than the Orange Glo, which is great as my child constantly walks on the floor even as I clean it. Still, I didn't feel that it really cleaned the floors deeply, it simply takes a bit of the surface dirt off and maintains a pleasant shine. When I combine this product with Murphy's Oil soap hardwood cleaner it works beautifully, however that is a long process with me on my hands and knees for a while. I do not have time for this each week. The added bonus and the clincher for Method in my opinion, is that this is a non-toxic cleaner that will "put the hurt on the dirt and not on my home or family."

So which one did I go with? Method's Good for Wood floor cleaner wins out. There is no nasty build-up or residue left behind. My floors shine and really absorb this cleaner. It is good enough for those quick dry mop jobs and works fabulously when combined with a deep floor scrubbing. I'll stick with the Method and know that my floors will look great longer. The Orange Glo is already in the trash."


Anonymous said...

For the Orange Glo, you are supposed to use the damp pad, not a dry pad when applying. Damp, not wet and not dry pad when using the solution.

Anonymous said...

I mix Method and Orange Glo equal parts, seems to work better for me and I have 2500 sq ft of hardwood floors, but I do have a housekeeper.

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