Thursday, April 24, 2008

we big heart you

Alright, so this week sucks. Major style. Like, a whole lot. Between some H.E.L. and L. that's been on going at work this week (and late nights!), my neck being so out it's not funny (joyful chiropractic stuff; oh but wait, the doctor is out this week!); and a tooth that has turned half my face into looking like I'm chawing on a giant wad of tobacco (which I don't do, blah! But my lower jawbone and cheek are so swollen from a major tooth issue/ache; and does it hurt? YES IT DOES! Dentist, today at 12:30, I can't wait) this week just blows. So I just wanted to let everyone at method know how you completely made my entire week, and especially Wednesday evening, so much brighter! Thank you!

I got home late Wednesday, and a package was on my doorstep? And ta-da! Look what it was! New method squeaky baby stuff! Yay! I'm telling you, it made my night! Look at all the cute packaging, and booklet that was included!

The package contained two items, 3-in-1 kids shampoo in fuzzy peach scent, and the baby hair + body wash in rice milk + mallow.

That baby pic is so adorable! The booklet is a flip over; meaning one side is baby, then flip it over, the other side kids! So cute! It reads:

(baby side) "if you ask us, all babies are perfect. most of their days are spent napping and smiling and making little tiny noises. their little chubby bodies are plump and marshmallow-y. they're yummy. they smell great (most of the time.) even their messes are cute (sort of.)

all they really need is a little maintenance to stay naturally perfect: a gentle bath and a bit of diaper cream to keep their bottoms smooth and non-irritated."

(kid side) "in an ideal world, toddlers and kids would be little bundles of pure joy all of the time; all smiles and laughter. they'd almost never cry. they'd make little teeny-tiny messes. they'd smell naturally yummy like apples and peaches. it would be easy to keep them squeaky clean. they'd be perfect.

in the real world, they're a little more unpredictable. they're creative and resourceful and that's what makes them fun. that's also when spills happen and there's dirt to deal with. because your kids work hard at having fun, we've created a fun line of washes that are 99% natural and 100% hard-working."

So I decided to give them a try! Ha ha! I couldn't resist. The fuzzy peach 3-in-1 shampoo (body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Makes you wonder why we buy three different products when apparently one works just as well?) smells wonderful. I still feel it has an undertone of vanilla; but overall the scent is of a ripe peach, but very light. - Not overpowering at all. It's a really nice scent, once I got to actually try the product. I washed my hair with it, as well as myself (well, half myself, saving the other half for the baby hair + body wash!) While it doesn't lather as much as the adult personal care line (and I realize lathering is bad for the environment, anyway. But I'm so used to it. It's crazy how people get conditioned about certain things and ways. Crazy!) it still worked great! Easy to wash off, too!

The baby hair + body wash was also a big recommendation! The scent is definitely mallow (as in marshmallow); but again, it's so very subtle. - In a great way! It's an extremely light scent, perfect for babies. Not too sweet, just light and clean. Worked great as well, about the same thoughts on this one as I had on the 3-in-1 shampoo. I felt perhaps the bottle was a little small in amount (8 oz.) compared to the 10 oz. 3-in-1 shampoo; since they cost the same at Target (ok, well wait, I haven't seen it in the store yet, so I could be wrong. But it costs the same on the method home site.) I didn't use the cup that comes with it (I'm a little too big for a wash cup, ya know?) since it's for washing off the soap/shampoo on your babies; but it looks like it'd work great.

Overall two wonderful products! I've already shared a coupon with one of my friends, who just had a baby! (Push that method!) Personally, I can't wait to try the crisp apple scent next, I'm gonna go buy some soon! Great products! Great scents! Give'em a try!


steve parker said...

i just got mine this morning. you know method has me hooked when i get giddy over baby + kid products, even though i am a very single guy with no prospects of a girlfriend in sight, much less an actual baby! i am giving the baby body wash to a very close friend who just had a baby, along with a few of the coupons, but i am a greedy soul who is keeping the fuzzy peach all for himself!! i'll use it when i am feeling exceptionally immature.

robertcraig said...

Okay, so I was really jealous, until I got my own and I am NOT giving them away. As much as kids and I do not get along, the samples are MINE!

robertcraig said...

The fuzzy peach doesn't smell anything like peaches, fuzzy or not. What is does smell like is Play-Doh. Which is a good thing: instant childhood memories.

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