Friday, April 25, 2008

soap me down

I know, the titles just keep gettin' worse, don't they? Actually I don't create them, there is a title troll that lives with me; and he is always coming up with these tacky titles! I beg him to not have me use them, but what can you do? I gotta listen to the title troll, or he'll do something bad to me, I'm sure of it. Oh oh, ouch. He's jabbing me, telling me to move on with this post... ok, ok! (stupid title troll!...)

Check out the always great Sustainable Is Good for a short article on the new method hand wash refill packaging.

A note, I do believe these have hit the shelves in Target stores already. I know I've seen them in most of the stores in my area. - Both the gel and foaming hand washes. Here's hoping the creamy hand wash refill is next in line!

1 comment:

stephenjames716 said...

now this is some nice new packaging. as compared to the new spray bottle packaging which leaves something to be desired.

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