Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm REALLY blushing right now, take a look at this short but sweet article titled "method lusts after method lust" from Kelly Mooney, over at Mooney Thinks:

"Target couldn't pull it off.

But method is. Check it out! Method is acknowledging, embracing and even celebrating the blogosphere -- and one blogger, in particular. In a fairly recent entry on its own blog, people against dirty, method introduces its readership to Nathan, the author of method lust + one man against dirty.

Who is this Nathan guy? Just a big, giant brand fan who wants to share his passion and expertise around all things method. We call Nathan (and millions more like him) an icitizen. Note that Nathan is not an employee of method and he isn't compensated by them (according to method).

Besides, you can't buy this kind of authentic, transparent brand love. Nathan posts multiple entries per day (way, way, way more than method posts to its own blog!), hosts polls and even offers a method lust widget."

A bit about Kelly:

"Fanatically curious and acutely observant, Kelly Mooney has spent her entire career studying, creating, and advocating for the optimal customer experience by keeping herself firmly planted in the customer's shoes.

Widely known for her consumer-based insights, Kelly is co-author of the best-selling book, The Ten Demandments: Rules to Live By in the Age of the Demanding Customer (McGraw-Hill, 2002). A real-world roadmap for winning customers' hearts and keeping their loyalty..."

High praise, all the way around! Thanks! Today really is ego day! (But don't worry, mine is really really small. In fact, I only own the 'e'. I'm working on finding the 'g' and 'o', but no luck so far! I know they're here somewhere, darnnit! Now where did I put those?...)

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