Wednesday, April 30, 2008

spa treatment for your hands!

Here's a wonderful review on method's amazing creamy hand washes! (And remember, they just released their new moisturizing body wash line to compliment the creamy hand wash line, in the same scents and packaging style!)

"method Creamy Hand Wash:
It's almost a spa treatment for your hands

While I have fallen in love with method's household cleaning supplies, I cannot say the same about their recent foray into personal care. I've tried their body wash, hand soap, and hand sanitizer and decided that I could live without all three. It was okay, I thought, this particular company produces some wonderful cleaning products. Beauty items just weren't their thing...

and then I spied with my little eye method Creamy Hand Wash. Despite my consistent disappointment in the past, I knew that I would have to buy one and check it out.

To be honest, it was the unique bottle that drew my eye to the shelf. The 10 fluid ounce bottle is made of translucent white plastic and is in the shape of a cube. Each side has nine smaller cubes imprinted on it which gives the bottle a fun, retro look. The top has a pump-style dispenser that can be turns to move it between "on" and "off" positions. The bottle is coded for recycling and method encourages you to recycle if you can.

This product is available in three fragrances: Almond Flower, Olive Leaf, and White Tea. I smelled all three fragrances before making my decision. I really liked the White Tea fragrance but in the end I chose the Almond Flower because I am a huge fan of almond scents.

The Almond Flower fragrance is a blend of almond and floral scents, possibly with a touch of clover or grass. I do not normally enjoy floral fragrances but it is only a small part of the overall scent and it is very light. The Almond Flower fragrance is strong while you are washing your hands and it lingers on your skin for about a half hour after use. I really like this scent but I'm also looking forward to trying out the White Tea next time.

They certainly named it correctly. method Creamy Hand Wash is a semi-thick and very smooth liquid that feels almost like lotion in your hands. It spreads evenly and produces a nice lather as you rub hands together. Rinsing this cleanser from your hands does take a few extra seconds more than typical products but, in my opinion, it is absolutely worth it. After you've rinsed your hands, you will notice that they feel soft, smooth, and as if you just applied moisturizer to them.

The suggested retail price for method Creamy Hand Wash is $5.00 and I paid about that: $4.79. I thought that the price was a little high for such a small bottle of cleanser but I simply cannot resist new method products.

I've been pleasantly surprised by just how much I like method Creamy Hand Wash. It is thick, produces a nice lather, and leaves hands truly feeling moisturized after use. I have used it several times a day as I go through my home and clean out nasty messes like the bottom of my birds cages, the litter boxes, etc and have only noticed an improvement in the condition of the skin on my hands. The fragrance is pleasant and lingers for awhile after use. It looks like method has finally worked out the way to manufacture beauty products!

This cleanser is not antibacterial which is a good thing in my book. I'm not a Chemical Commando and have no desire to promote the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Those who feel the need to spray down their homes with Clorox every day probably will not be happy with this product.

This product has earned a permanent place next to the sinks in my kitchen, bathroom, and classroom. I look forward to trying out the other available scents but I have a feeling that I'll always have a bottle of Almond Flower around somewhere.
- njchicaa"


steve parker said...

well said! i was just in my bathroom, washing my hands, looking at my bottle of creamy hand wash when i realized what it was the bottle reminded me of--a rubik's cube! there was something about the shape that was nagging at my brain, but i just realized what it was.

Anonymous said...

This review was copied directly from without permission.

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