Wednesday, April 30, 2008

moisturizing body wash

Speaking of the creamy hand wash, I'm curious to know if anyone has tried out the new method natural moisturizing body wash line? It comes in olive leaf, white tea, and my personal favorite, almond flower! I haven't heard a lot about it since it's release; and I'm thinking it got lost in the shuffle a little bit, what with the big news of method's first book being published, and the brand new baby + kids line debut! So I'm wondering, have you tried it out?

Noticing a woman shopping in Target over the weekend, smelling the olive leaf bars; I immediately ran down the aisle (didn't even need to go that way!) and as I walked past her spoke out loud "I love that stuff! It smells wonderful!" and she turned to me and said (probably wondering why I was gushing over soap to her) "What?" and so I repeated how I'm addicted to method products and it smelled wonderful, to which she said she definitely loved the olive leaf scent! Score!


steve parker said...

i'm using the olive leaf body wash and i love it. i plan to get around to a review of the stuff on my blog, but life is busy, busy, busy!

love the Target story. i haven't had an opportunity to do that with body wash, but i do it all the time with other stuff. i was in Target two weeks ago buying all floor cleaner when i saw someone looking at *gasp* swiffer mops! i walked behind her and said the method omop was way better. she turned and asked what an omop was, so i showed her the display gave her a full sales pitch. she bought an omop. i left Target feeling a little bit happier.

Suzanne said...

i'm LOVING the white tea body wash. it smells amazing, and works beautifully. and the pump dispenser is SOOOOO much easier to use than the bloc containers. i'm really glad they did a redesign.

robertcraig said...

I agree. The new bottle is so much better than the Bloq, but the wrapper is gross and will eventually get nasty in the shower. I prefer printed bottles.

The white tea is one of my favorite all time Method scents. This is good stuff and it is SLS and paraben free.

Netta said...

I recently bought the almond flower scent in the shower gel, hand soap, and body bar. I love all 3 especially the pump on the shower gel. I plan on getting all 3 in white tea on my next purchase, then the olive leaf.

paul said...

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