Thursday, April 24, 2008

new site!

UPDATE G. Lie over at method had this statement to make concerning the new site:

"thanks for your post. i work at method (hence lowercasing everything) and headed up the redesign of this site. just want to let you know that this is really the soft launch of the new site. there's actually a bunch of new features we're adding on top of this first phase launch. expect great things within a few weeks - it'll really act like a totally different site than even what you're seeing now. stay tuned!"

Sounds great! Thanks for the info.!

Have you seen it? method has a new site up! How cool is that! (Pretty cool!) Unfortunately, due to my fiasco of a Tuesday, I didn't even realize until this evening! (I know, I know; how can I even call myself the man oh' method lust if I don't notice these things! Please forgive me, forgive me...) so be sure to head on over and check it out! I'll be posting more on it as the week progresses.

And OH MY WORD, check out the little method squeaky green crisp apple otter that is just too precious for words! He pops up on the front page... I just wanna squeeze him! (Yeah, don't go any further with that, ok; just don't...)


Steve Parker said...

Ah, and what an awful Tuesday it must have been to pull you away from the wonderful world of method! The new site is cool. There are a few items missing here and there from the product lineup, but some new additions! The redesigned packaging for the all purpose wipes, for example. And yes, the otter is too cute for words.

Kajivar said...

I tried to visit the site late last night, but something in the javascript crashed every browser I tried -- Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and IE. I'll have to see if I can access it today.

Nathan Aaron said...

It's a little sluggish at the moment, but hopefully it'll get better! I'm curious how easy it is to purchase on the site now, or if it's more time consuming? Time will tell.

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