Monday, April 28, 2008

my life with dogs

Well, ok, not really MY life with dogs, cause uh, I don't own one. (And isn't it weird saying you "own" an animal, I mean, yes, you did buy it more than likely, but still... ok, enough of this odd conversation.)

It happens to be Greg's dog! AND his lust for method products (ok, from dogs to method products is a difficult transition! But wait, no it's not! Earth friendly cleaning products mean healthier pets, too!) During last weeks Earth Day, Greg had this to say. Check it out:

"Pop quiz hot shot... (taken from Method's "squeaky green")
1. Would you eat off your floor?

2. Can you safely wash out your (or your kids') mouth with your soup?

3. Do any of the bottles under your sink contain anything that's drinkable without having to go immediately to the emergency room afterward?

4. Is there anything under your sink you could water your plants with?

5. Do you like to inhale while you clean?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your home has a chemical dependency. (here ends the ripoff of the book)

My lovely wife Jen has allergies. Grass, pollen, dust are not her best friends. A couple of years ago, whenever Jen got to the point that her allerrgies were getting the best of her, we knew it was time to clean the house and get rid of the dust.

Out came the clorox cleaners, windex, wetjets, tub/tile cleaners, and we'd clean from the house from top to bottom. However, we started noticing that Jen's breathing would actually get worse during and after cleaning. At first we chalked it up to dust getting stirred up into the air. Then we realized that maybe the cleaners we used were more of a problem than a solution.

Ever thought about what's in your household cleaners? Bleach, ammonia, pesticides, etc... Chemicals that can be found in the bloodstreams of newborn babies, and have been connected to all sorts of health related problems. Why are we killing ourselves to keep our homes clean?

There are better options.

At the time of the story above, Jen discovered method. Through an ad in one of her magazines, we read about a company that was trying to change the way people think about clean. It's all about fighting what's dirty. Not just the dirty in our homes, but the dirty in the cleaning product industry. method has created the "greenest" cleaning products around. In addition to cleaning like a mother, smelling great, and being comparably priced, method products are completely biodegradable. Oh yeah, so is their packaging.

Plus, their stuff looks cool as hell."

Wanna read the rest? (Of course you do!) Ok, head on over to My Life With Dogs! (But please come on back. Ok? Thanks!)

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Swanny said...

Thanks for the love, sir! Gotta say, it's awfully nice getting a shoutout on methodlust.

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