Wednesday, April 30, 2008

target totes, take two

Slave To Target points out that Target has a new reusable shopping tote available (to fill full with method products!):

"Latest reusable shopping bag to hit Target is made from recycled plastic shopping bags. - Very cool design. At $5.99, they are a little more expensive than the red tote bags sold (it appears) in most stores across the country, but hey - they may be a nice memento to show your grandkids someday when plastic bags no longer exist!"

The Felt Mouse gives a new post on Target's first reusable red bags (still available, and I think a better option). The only problem with these are they need to be a bit bigger:

"$1.49 for the flat bottomed "shopper" version, and 99 cents for a tote style that zips up into a built-in pouch. Actually, I'd be curious if the bags are sold outside of California, if any of you out-of-state Target shoppers want to chime in. In California, retail stores of a certain size have to start providing affordable reusable bags, and recycling plastic ones, by law starting at the end of the month.

I mentioned previously that I have been using reusable canvas bags at the grocery store for years. Grocery store employees seem accustomed to the bags, and rarely do I have to point out my bags to the bagger.

At other retail stores, however, it has proven more difficult for me to regulate bag usage without coming off like a total b-i-t-c-h, so I stopped trying. I mean, these people get paid minimum wage, and all they are told is to put the stuff in the store's bag so somebody looking at a camera can see if anybody is stealing stuff on the way out. You kind of have to draw the line at how many demands you put on an employee in this position - you know? My cloth bags at Target have been used to carry items that had already been put in plastic bags, or they themselves were put in plastic bags. Other times I have left the store with 10 plastic bags for 5 items. It was difficult to suggest that my reusable bags be used for their true purpose, or that I didn't need a flimsy plastic bag to carry my 20 pound box of detergent, without coming off like an adult talking to a toddler, or a deranged woman ranting about what a waste plastic bags are. So I stopped trying to dictate bag usage for my purchases.

I'm excited to see reusable bags sold by the store itself, and hope using them at the store decreases the psycho bag lady factor. I'm not sure if the employees have been educated about the program yet, though. Both Target stores where I've used the new red bags tried to put them in a plastic bag (been there, done that), and then looked nervous when I suggested they put my other purchases inside the red bag instead. I have since put my name on the bags with the hope that they will seem more like *my bags* versus something I am buying. We shall see..."

But of course, who needs those when you got this! Available on the method home site. (Just get some reusable totes, before I come hunt you down, ok? Ok.) And I say ignore the whole "not trying to tell store employees to use your reusable bags because it seems like "psycho bag behavior." Hey, if it's verbal abuse that will get them to put my purchases in a reusable tote, so be it! Ha ha! And anyway, I seriously haven't had too many issues with telling them I've brought my own bag. Just a couple odd looks, but I have also gotten a lot of great "Oh, you brought your own bag! Good for you!" comments as well... so see, it works!


Rebekah said...

I live in Connecticut and purchased one of the red reusable Target bags a couple weeks ago. I got the smaller 99 cent zips-into-itself size, and it's a little small, but way better than using a plastic bag. And because it fits in my purse, I have no excuses to not use it!

Buchanan said...

I saw all three styles of the bags at Target last night (I also live in NC) and I am very happy to see the store making an effort. I've also seen Walmart and Big Lots (though they were hard to find and bad quality) branded bags and then a few other stores selling generic bags. I can't wait for the day when plastic bags aren't an option!

Melissa said...

I have two different Target reusable bags, the little one that zips into a tiny rectangle and the larger one that folds down to about the size of a 45 record - that one is HUGE! I will definitely be on the lookout for the new one made from recycled plastic bags.

I always ask for no bag or for the cashier to use my reusable bag. If they try to push their plastic bag on me, I just push back with a smile. If I'm buying groceries, I'll offer to bag stuff myself since sometimes the reusables slow up the bagging process.

sustainableisgood said...

We ran a piece on the Red bags in January - Wink did the design and they aren't made from recycled material but recyclable material (PP) The larger size one is nice and pretty darn functional.

The latest ones are part of a joint project with Terracycle (formerly of fame from the subject of a lawsuit from Scotts over their worm poop fertilizer)

steve parker said...

i hate when a cashier acts completely put upon when i inform them i have my own bags. i love stores with self checkout because there is no one to argue with me when i use my own bags. most people are happy to use my bags, and even tell me they also use reusable bags, but i always find that one cranky cashier (usually when i'm having a bad day) that gets offended that i don't want his/her plastic bags.

i even had a barista at Starbucks tell me i couldn't use my own cup because it was against health regulations! i asked to see a manager and won my little my battle nicely, but some people will say anything to avoid a little extra work.

Anonymous said...

I like the top bag a lot. I haven't seen that one, but have seen the canvas bag at our Targets here in PA.

I love to bring my own bags. I always do at the grocery store. I just need to get better at all my other stops. I do keep my Method tote in my diaper bag at all times. :)

I try to only get plastic when I need trash bags, because well they are free.

I linked you up on my blog post and blogroll. Loving your blog!

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