Thursday, May 1, 2008

more poppin' ups!

I took special note on Sunday noticing that Desperate Housewives once again featured method cleaning products! And Steve over at Squeaky Clean + Green noticed, too! He's keeping tabs on when method products show up on our favorite tv shows! Hey Steve, if you get any shots from the Ugly Betty show a few seasons back, let me know and I'll post that as well!

Go Gabrielle, with your sassy (lavender, or was it mint window wash? Since she was cleaning the countertops we'll go with lavender) method cleaning spray! (And she's pretty sassy herself, if you've seen the show!)

UPDATE Now with Ugly Betty goodness! Thanks Steve! Check out those cute method dish soap bottles in the lower right corner. In another scene during this episode, you can see rows and rows of method teardrop hand wash bottles!

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steve parker said...

i'm working on the Ugly Betty thing. i haven't made my way through the first half of season 1 to get a shot of the back room of secrets and method.

btw, it is mint. the shot i took obscures the label, but a few seconds earlier, the cloud on the label was visible. i use Best in Glass for all my glass and surface cleaning, so i don't find it odd like some who never use glass cleaner on anything but glass. although, since her countertops are granite, she should have been using the Daily Granite, but TV is never perfect.

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